Use Oils for a More Luxurious Massage

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Use Oils for a More Luxurious Massage

How Can Oil Enhance My Massage?

When massaging the skin, many professionals make a conscious choice to choose oil for a massage instead of lotion. While lotions provide great, penetrating moisture for the skin to benefit from, oil has other properties that make it unique for a massage. Massage oil has lots of great properties to make your next massage next-level amazing!

Oil can function better than lotion by protecting the skin’s natural lipid barrier. More moisture is retained in the skin with the use of massage oil. If you can get non-comedogenic, natural oils to use, the skin will benefit from its inability to clog pores or cause blemishes. Most massage therapists enjoy the way that oil glides over the skin for better massage techniques.

The use of jojoba oil is great for massage because it is very close to the skin’s own oils (sebum). Because jojoba based oils are the most like the body’s sebum, it is absorbed very rapidly into the skin for maximum moisture. As a bonus, it doesn’t stain sheets.

Oil warms up quickly and is ready for use almost immediately. This rapid transfer of heat is important when using the heat settings of massage guns, as well as when using the body’s own heat as a therapeutic tool.

Facts About CBD Oil

CBD oils are gaining in popularity rapidly, as the cannabis and CBD industry blooms in the United States and elsewhere. For those who are in need of pain relief but do not want the intoxicating effects of THC. CBD derived from hemp with less than 0.3% THC is still not legal in a few states.

CBD oil is useful for massage and for chronic pain issues because it bonds to specific receptor sites in the body that are specifically wired for inflammation and pain relief.

Hemp plants are legal under the Farm Bill, according to the FDA, as long as the plants contain less than 0.3% THC to be extracted for use in the final products. Two specific types of receptors pick up on the components in the CBD oil that help provide relief of chronic inflammation and pain.

The product is non-narcotic and does not cause drowsiness or any other side effect that is associated with cannabis. Although Cannabis and CBD come from very similar plants, they are two entirely different products.

Choose Massage For A Better Life

When coupled with a massage gun and therapeutic heat, the use of CBD massage oil can be an integral part of your own daily therapy. Chronic pain caused by old injuries, arthritis, neuropathy from chemotherapy or diabetes, or from any other progressive disease process can be improved upon with regular massage therapy.

By incorporating massage oil, and the heat function of the massage gun, tissues that are stiff, tangled, and causing lots of pain and difficulty in daily living can become more pliable, less painful, and able to take on the activities of the day that you need to accomplish in an active lifestyle.

The beauty of massage guns is that you do not need another person to perform the massage for many different kinds of problems. Back pain aside, the gun can perform deep, penetrating massage on the extremities, as well as the shoulders, hips, and many other places that may be causing ongoing stiffness and pain.

For back pain or stiffness and injury that is coming from a chronic stiffness or muscle injury in the back, a partner or friend can quickly and easily learn how to work through knots and bundles of muscle that can be kneaded out and returned to a more pliable state.

By performing these massages before workouts, you can prevent further injuries caused by overuse. By using massage as a daily tool for therapy, you can see results improve from week to week.

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