Shiaqga Mushroom Benefits

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Shiaqga Mushroom Benefits

shiaqga mushroom pictures

Shiaqga mushroom pictures

In this article, you’ll learn about Shiaqga and discover how Shiaqga is the key to optimal health.

Everyone lives a slightly different lifestyle however the key to optimal health is still the same.  When our cells communicate properly and are given the proper building blocks our bodies have the ability to cure disease and live a long, healthy life.  Returning to good health and turning back the aging clock is entirely possible.

What is Shiaqga?

The Shiaqga supplement contains the synergized ingredients of the wildcrafted Native American mushroom of Shiaqga and the organic essential oils of Black Cumin, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, and Peppermint.

Scientific Studies On Shiaqga

Each of these ingredients has been demonstrated in scientific research to have powerful effects on healing the body.

shiaqga mushroom pictures

Shiaqga Mushroom Benefits

Prevents and Treats Cancer

Of the natural products in the market, the Shiaqga Super Concentrate’s natural ability to treat cancer is far superior to other medicinal treatments.  Scientific research dictates that the Shiaqga mushroom has the ability to inhibit and reverse cancer progression.  I personally have seen the Shiaqga assist thousands of suffering cancer patients return to health.

Shiaqga Mushroom Benefits the Immune System

Shiaqga’s capability to boost the immune system is phenomenal.  Within 20 hours of taking one dose, we have seen the immune response to be over 4000% more effective.  When it comes to fighting off disease, having your immune system in good working order is a requirement.

Shiaqga mushrooms contain a scientifically well-studied natural compound called “beta-glucans” that bolster immune function.  In the Shiaqga mushroom, the beta-WPBakery Page Builderglucans are found at over three times the levels as other medicinal mushrooms like Chaga.

People with autoimmune diseases find that their illness disappears even though their immune function has dramatically increased.  This is simply because the nutritional support found in the Shiaqga allows the body to produce healthy correctly programmed immune system cells that can tell the difference between friend and foe.

Shiaqga Mushroom promotes Stem Cell Activation

As our bodies respond to the Shiaqga supplement, there is natural detoxification then the body’s healing process activates.  The body’s own fountain of youth is triggered once the adult stem cell production has been activated.  I have witnessed long-term dialysis patients nearing dead use the Shiaqga to return to health.  Literally, their stem cells became activated and the regeneration of their kidneys occurred.  They were able to stop their dialysis and continue down the path of optimal health.

Shiaqga Mushroom Reduces Inflammation

The chemicals released during inflammation actually promote more inflammation in a vicious cycle.  Shiaqga’s natural anti-inflammatory properties stop this inflammation response and benefit the body with quicker healing.

Shiaqga Mushroom Improves Physical Endurance

Many people have discovered that Shiaqga not only improves physical endurance but cuts their normal recovery time in half.  Animal studies with the polysaccharides that are naturally found in the Shiaqga mushroom showed that there was less fatigue, better endurance, and less lactic acid levels in their test subjects.

Shiaqga Original Formula Ingredients

  • Extract of Wild Shiaqga Mushroom (900% concentrate)
  • Organic Essential Oils of Black Cumin
  • Lemon, Cinnamon Bark
  • Peppermint
  • Wild Sacred Frankincense

How The Shiaqga Mushroom Works

The Shiaqga product is a Native American Sacramental Medicine with ingredients of the wildcrafted Native American Sacred mushroom of Shiaqga and organic essential oils of Black Cumin, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Peppermint, and Wild Sacred Frankincense.  Each ingredient is demonstrated in scientific research to strengthen, support, and modulate the Immune Response in different ways.

Shiaqga Essentials Review: The Testimonial

Ken C. from Liverpool, England 

First off, I am astounded at how quickly it has worked!!!  My problem, (one of them) is that the cancer had attacked the esophagus and “switched off” the nerve endings which left me unable to eat or drink.  I was told by the doctor that I would NEVER be able to do so, and would have to be fed via a tube in my stomach.

Great future to look forward to huh.  I felt that I would be better off dead!!!  Luckily for me, my son found your website and we decided to give it a try, as I had literally nothing to lose.  Thank God I did!!!I have been taking twice the recommended dosage to try and get it started.

Now after about 14 days, I can eat and drink almost completely normally.  Thank you SO MUCH.  I will be continuing with them, possibly on a lower dose (eventually) for the time being.  I am so grateful.”The next week Ken wrote:“This is my latest medical update.

Prepare to be impressed/astounded!

Yesterday I went to see my consultant for a follow-up visit following the work on my vocal chords.  When I went into his consulting room I saw the amazement on his face.  I think that he was not expecting any improvement in me.

He was totally bewildered to find that I have made such a recovery!  Also, he ran a few tests which confirmed that I can now eat and drink normally. In addition, he said that the nerve endings were completely better, but could not explain how this had occurred!

He said that it was like a miracle.  His final phrase was that the recovery was NOT due to anything the hospital had done. . . I left feeling secure in the knowledge that it was the Shiaqga which had done the trick.   I am your staunchest supporter, and tell anyone I can about it.”


–  Founder Justin Cluff

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