Six Reasons to Have Matcha Green Tea Every Day

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Six Reasons to Have Matcha Green Tea Every Day

Matcha green tea is a delicious beverage that everyone should be adding to their routine. While you do not have to enjoy a cup of matcha green tea every single day, you should be enjoying it at least a few times a week. Not only is it a delicious beverage that can help you feel alert and active, but you will find that matcha has many health benefits that will improve your quality of life. Here are six reasons why we believe that you should be preparing a cup of matcha for yourself most days:

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Antioxidant Boost

When you drink matcha green tea, you are adding naturally present antioxidants into your body. These are nutrients and enzymes that help you fight against the impact of anything negative that could harm your health. Whether it is a disease, negative chemicals from alcohol or other harmful habits, UV radiation or some other issue, you will be helped by the antioxidants that are present in your body. With matcha green tea, you have more of them in your body! Even a cup every few days will help you while drinking it daily has a tremendous benefit.

Full of Catechins and EGCg

Among the antioxidants that we spoke about above, catechins are at the top of the list. These catechins are present in a high quantity in matcha green tea, which means that you are going to realize their disease-fighting benefits. Another chemical that you will find in matcha green tea is EGCg, which is known for being very helpful in fighting cancer. If you are someone who is concerned about a cancer diagnosis or you do not want to be in a position to get cancer in the future, drinking matcha green tea is going to help you a great deal.



Many people do not associate having tea with feeling calm, as they assume it is only going to make them feel hyper and alert. It is an understandable sentiment, as we tend to associate any beverage that contains caffeine with that feeling. But the truth is that if you are enjoying matcha green tea every single day, you are not going to feel that jittery sensation that you can get with caffeine beverages. It is because matcha contains l-theanine, which is known to produce a feeling of calmness and relaxation in the body. So long as you are not having matcha an hour before you go to bed, you should not have any issues with respect to feeling too hyper.

Energy and Endurance Benefits

There are so many reasons why someone may want improved energy and endurance. Maybe you are participating in sports and you want to ensure that you are at your very best when you are performing. Or maybe you are working a very intense job or course and you want to ensure that you are at your best when you are studying or working. With matcha, you can do all those things. You will have more energy and improved endurance, thanks to the caffeine, l-theanine and other positive compounds in the beverage.

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Losing Weight

Are you tired of being overweight? Do you have 10 or 15 pounds on your body that you want to shed? Matcha is going to help you get there. With the assistance of green tea matcha, you will find that you are dropping pounds sooner than you expected. The reason why it happens is that you have increased metabolism thanks to matcha. It is going to help your body burn fat and calories at a rapid rate, especially if you combine it with some type of program such as intermittent fasting. The process of intermittent fasting is known for helping people with their fat burning, as it boosts your metabolism in its own way.

Immune System Benefits

Did you know that matcha green tea can help you fight off a cold or infection? Most people assume it is just orange juice that has those properties. But when you are enjoying a cup of matcha, you will be happy to know that you are aiding your immune system. It is because you are adding potassium, vitamins A and C, calcium, and iron into your body. All of these chemicals are going to ensure that you are a happier and healthier person throughout the year.

If you are unsure about adding matcha to your daily regimen, we hope that our list of health benefits will convince you to do so. With matcha, you are getting a tasty and healthy beverage that you can enjoy without feeling guilty. So long as you are not adding too much milk or sugar to the beverage, you are getting 100 percent health benefits without having to worry about any negative consequences to your body.

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