Portable Aromatherapy – Your Ticket To A Happier Life

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Portable Aromatherapy – Your Ticket To A Happier Life

Nature is a beautiful thing. For many years, natural remedies for stress, sickness, skin problems, sleeplessness, and pain were found in the various plants that nature provides. Then society eased away from these natural remedies and turned to over the counter and prescription drugs.

While these drugs are effective, they have side effects that can harm the organs. In other words, our healing can slowly and quietly hurt or even kill us. So, people have returned to the bounty of essential oils made from natural plants. The success rate is so high, that this quickly became a trend. We determine how to get started with essential oils, and which oils will address the issues that are troubling us. With a little research and help from the experts, we will find success.

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How to begin

Essential oils can be used in many ways. Sometimes a few drops on the skin is all that is needed. If you are feeling stressed, dab a few drops of lavender on your wrist or on the inside of your elbow. This is calming and assists in reducing stress.

Some essential oils are mixed in foods and ingested. Others are dabbed on the skin. You can click here for an extensive list of essential oils and what they do.


There are many kinds of diffusers. A diffuser is a mini-humidifier that adds moisture to the air. You get the effect of the essential oils by dropping a few drops in the diffuser. The adds the aroma throughout the room. Some scents help you stay energized and focused. This is great for the office environment. Others promote calmness, and others help you sleep.

Now there are portable diffusers so you can take your diffuser anywhere, Some have batteries, others use USB ports. They are small and are designed so the diffuser doesn’t require a lot of space. Also, the oils are placed on a specially designed pod, so there are not huge spills in your car.

Diffuser necklace

For the woman who cannot stand being without her diffuser, you can purchase a necklace. The necklace opens up and you select the scent and the locket is filled with beautiful essential oils beads. They are brightly colored and beads that look like pearls of various colors and scents. The bead can be changed according to your mood and what you want to project.

Essential oils work because they are what nature intended for us to use to get well. Be careful where you by  the. Use a good company. Do not buy your oils from a sinking ship. You want essential oils that carry a good reputation and are pure. You can be well, healthy, and happier with essential oils. Find out for yourself.

When you are traveling, you want a small diffuser that carries a big punch. You might opt to wear your essential oils necklace when you are meeting a new client or putting on a presentation. You will find lots of reasons to wear them, and lunch you, they come in stylish designs.

When you realize that different scents have different uses, you will want them in your, office, home, and car. Thanks to the new portable designs, you can have one anywhere you go. Thanks to today’s technology, you can.

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