Orthotics: What They Are and How They Can Help Relieve Feet Pain

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Orthotics: What They Are and How They Can Help Relieve Feet Pain

Most people remain ignorant of what they have until they lose it. When was the last time you thought about your feet and how important they are to your life? Your feet make your world move around, yet many don’t give attention to the needs of their feet.

Statistics show the average human being covers a distance equal to walking around the equator twice in their lifetime. Your feet are of great importance in your daily life and should receive the care they need to remain in good health and help you live longer.

Most people don’t realize until old age catches up, and you develop feet problem, or you get illnesses such as diabetes that affect your feet. However, if you develop feet problems, doctors realize the need to remain in good health and have designed orthotics to suit your condition.

According to New York, orthotics, orthotics help to correct foot problems and retrain your feet to normalcy. It would serve you right to identify feet problems as they begin and seek immediate medical attention. It would help to avoid feet complications that require sophisticated procedures to correct.

Orthotics help to rectify feet problems and help you regain some, if not all of your feet functionalities.

Flat Feet

The feet of a healthy person should have arches to not only support the weight of the body but also to distribute it on foot. When you have flat feet, the pressure may not distribute correctly, and the weight of the body may shift to another part of the body. The first part of suffering is certain parts of your feet that strain to support extra weight such as Achilles tendons, and your lower back that may develop pain and complications with age. Orthotics offer support to help your feet regain their natural form and support your weight with ease.

Toe Defect

Most people who have arthritis or diabetes develop a problem with their big toe. They complain of pain and numbness on the toe that affects mobility. The pain may occur because the weight from the body distributes to the big toe, causing pain when it has a defect. Orthotics will help to develop specialized feet anchors that help redistribute the weight and ease the strain.

Hip Pain

When you have a foot problem, the distribution of your body weight may stress one part of the body. One of the first parts affected includes the lower back and the hip area. Feet problem makes you naturally try to compensate the strain by shifting the weight distribution to another part of the body that eventually also succumbs to the weight. You change the weight to one side of your hip that may affect the supporting hip.

The extra pressure on the feet manifests by causing pain in the affected area and leading to more complications while walking or running. Corrective measures may include orthotics that help to redistribute weight away from the hip area and reduce the strain and pain experienced.

Ankle Sprain

An ankle sprain is common among athletes and people engaging in sporting activities. It is also common to have it while walking or running, although it heals fast. However, the healing does not occur as quickly as presumed, because the bones around the ankle take time to heal. When you experience relief and resume routine activities, the bones may strain and cause significant problems later. It would help if you had custom footwear to support the affected area for some time before complete healing occurs.


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