6 Alternatives to Wire Braces for Achieving Perfect Teeth

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6 Alternatives to Wire Braces for Achieving Perfect Teeth

The digital age has intensified the desire of people to look good. With social media platforms playing a significant role in everyday life, confidence becomes synonymous with looking good. Although there is little you can control about inherent aspects of your appearance, you can make an effort to improve some of them. Your smile, for example, maybe perfected through orthodontic procedures.

Adults are not necessarily keen on wearing braces because they are unsightly. Fortunately, there are excellent alternatives you can consider if you wish to correct problems with your teeth. Here are situations when considering an alternative to wire braces is ideal:

  • Mild malocclusion or bite problem
  • Mild crowding of teeth
  • Preference for a shorter treatment period

Budget is also another reason why many people opt for an alternative to braces. Not only are wire braces more expensive, but you will also need to endure a more extended period of wearing them. The most common alternative treatment options are discussed below.

Clear teeth aligners 

Invisalign became all the rage when it first came out. The promise of wearing an almost invisible mechanism to correct teeth alignment issues targeted adult patients. You can consult an excellent Orthodontist (Orthodontist Ashburn VA) regarding clear aligners as an option. The treatment program involves wearing a series of removable clear trays molded to your teeth. As the treatment progresses, the trays are also adjusted according to the movement of your teeth. According to orthodontists, this treatment is best for individuals with gaps or mild crowding, which only require minimal force to correct.

Accelerated orthodontics

This treatment uses micro-osteo perforation to weaken bones. Through this process, the teeth will move enough so that they can be aligned through pressure. Together with a retainer or clear aligner, this treatment is a faster way for adults to achieve a perfect smile.


Celebrities love wearing veneers or porcelain caps to perfect their teeth. Although not intended to correct misalignment, veneers are the best solution for broken teeth, gaps, or when teeth have developed severe discoloration due to various factors. The process begins with the orthodontist removing a small layer of enamel from your teeth. The veneer is then attached to the tooth using a special resin.

Six-month smile 

This treatment refers to a type of bracket that is less visible than conventional braces. The procedure lasts only for six months; hence the name. However, this orthodontic treatment is best only for those with mild alignment issues.


Those who have worn conventional metal braces often wear retainers to keep the teeth in place. There are clear retainers preferable for adult patients who are concerned about the appearance of orthodontic devices. If the patient’s teeth require minimal correction, using retainers alone may suffice. Retainers are not only less expensive but do not cause as much discomfort as conventional braces.


Headgear is suitable when a patient suffers from a severe overbite. The gear puts pressure on the jaw and upper teeth, aimed at keeping the teeth in the desired position. The patient wears the headgear for a few hours each day, as prescribed by the dentist.

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