5 Options to Afford Adult Braces

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5 Options to Afford Adult Braces

It is no secret that orthodontic treatment is expensive. Since the procedure is usually considered cosmetic, medical insurance companies often do not cover it. Nonetheless, patients can get access to a more affordable dental procedure. This article will discuss the options available to get adult braces at a lower cost.

Do not be afraid of conventional wire braces

Adult orthodontic patients are often concerned that wearing wire braces takes longer and is quite unsightly. However, if you compare traditional wire braces with clear brackets or lingual braces, it is undoubtedly less expensive. Moreover, traditional braces are considered more effective in correcting minor to severe teeth misalignment issues. By consulting and discussing your options with your orthodontist, your dentist likely has access to orthodontic supplies and instruments that will lessen the discomfort and unsightly appearance of wire braces.

Check if the clinic offers a payment plan

If your medical insurance does not cover orthodontic procedures, you may want to check if the clinic offers a payment plan. If the clinic partnered with a financing company, for example, you may be given a more flexible plan which costs less than paying with a credit card.

Consider going to a clinic managed by an orthodontic school

A medical institution is another option if you are looking for a more affordable orthodontic treatment. In most states around the country, dental schools entertain patients on specific days of the week where they are supervised in administering treatment. You can check online through the Commission on Dental Accreditation to find a dental school near you. The cost is lower because the patient only pays for a portion of the value of the materials.

Regular credit financing

The cost of interest may be a deterrent to some, but when you have no other option, a loan or credit financing may be the only way to afford orthodontic treatment. Despite the interest, the advantage of credit financing is that you can pay for the cost over a period negotiable with the bank.

Check for dental assistance plans

Depending on where you live, the state may sponsor dental treatment for families that cannot afford them. There are also some non-profit organizations that offer financial assistance for expensive dental treatment. Lastly, there are medical volunteers that contribute to shoulder the cost of orthodontic treatment should your circumstances be considered a priority.


Orthodontic treatment is sometimes considered accessible only if you have the funds to cover the high cost. But like any medical procedure, there are ways to finance an orthodontic procedure without having to pay the total amount upfront. Adult patients are more fortunate because they are able to use credit financing to pay for the treatment over an extended period.

For anyone who does not have this choice, consider the options discussed above in the hope of finding a financing plan that is suitable for your circumstances. Dentistry schools, non-profit organizations, and state-funded assistance programs are all within reach of anyone who desires for a more affordable way to get orthodontic treatment.

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