Are You Getting the Right Vitamins & Minerals?

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Are You Getting the Right Vitamins & Minerals?

It is often hard to know whether you are getting the right vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Even if you regularly take supplementary multivitamins, you may not be getting everything that your body requires to work to its full potential. Vitamins and minerals are essential to your body, and if you aren’t getting the right balance you may be left feeling lethargic or find it difficult to concentrate.

Getting the right quantities of vitamins and minerals can be quite challenging. Your body may require higher doses of certain supplements if you suffer from specific ailments, or an increase or decrease in some vitamins or supplements may be needed if you are trying to achieve something specific with your body, like conceiving a child or weight loss.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is vital to our development, growth, and immune function, so it is essential that you include foods in your diet that are high in vitamin A. The most popular foods that contain vitamin A are fish, meat, and dairy products. This vitamin is a great way to maintain and look after your major organs, such as the heart, kidneys, and lungs, and it will help them to function properly. Some research has found that vitamin A can also be good for your skin and hair health, as it helps to maintain moisture levels in the body.


Folic Acid

Everyone needs folic acid in their diet, and it is recommended that you have around 400 micrograms of folic acid daily. However, if you are pregnant or trying to conceive then you should be sure to include folic acid-rich foods into your diet. These include bread, cereals, and pasta. However, you can also find folate in natural food products such as oranges, beans, and green vegetables. Folic acid is the man-made form of vitamin B – folate. If you are struggling to include essential fruits and vegetables into your diet regularly, then you may consider investing in some supplements.

iron rich diet


Iron is crucial as it helps to create the red blood cells needed to carry oxygen around your body. Many people suffer from iron deficiencies, called anemia, which can lead to significant health concerns. Therefore, it is important that you regularly include good sources of iron in your diets such as meat, nuts, beans, dried fruits, and wholegrain. The amount of iron you need depends on your age and gender. For example, men over the age of 18 require 8.7mg of iron per day, which is the same requirement for a woman over 50.

However, women between the ages of 19 and 50 require nearly double this amount at 14.8mg per day. But you should be careful not to take too much iron (over 20mg), as this can cause side effects such as constipation and vomiting.

With the right balance of vitamins in our body, we can live a healthier life and find increased vitality and a feeling of wellbeing. Every one of our bodies is a unique biological machine with its own specific demands and requirements. Giving our bodies what they need to succeed will lead to greater successes in life, whatever our goals.

This is especially true for things like weight gain or weight loss, as our body’s vitamin levels directly affect our metabolism. For example, if you are a woman trying to conceive a child, having a healthy body with the right balance of vitamins and taking the right supplements will help you to nurture the new life inside of you. So take a look and see what vitamins could benefit you right now.

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