9 Health Benefits Of Drinking Tea Regularly

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9 Health Benefits Of Drinking Tea Regularly

Tea is a beverage that has been around for many centuries. It’s the most popular health drink next to water. Aside from being a refreshment, tea is known to aid for health in traditional medicine. Even in modern times, tea is seen to have many benefits. Drinking tea regularly is a habit that many people practice, and there are many advantages to doing so.

Here are nine health benefits of drinking tea:

Tea reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack

Several studies have seen that drinking three cups of tea daily decreases the risk of stroke by as much as 21%. Tea contains catechins that have stroke-reducing effects. At the same time, it has anti-inflammatory properties to keep the arteries from being inflamed so that clotting and reduced blood circulation is avoided. You should start your tea habits if you are at risk of vascular diseases, purchasing tea from a trusted online tea shop.

Tea may help in weight loss

In modern times, tea is commonly marketed to aid in weight loss. There are various results for tea and weight loss; however, green tea has been seen to be more beneficial for this effect compared to black tea. Here are a few results found regarding green tea and weight loss:

  • Flavonoids in green tea showed increased metabolic rate, better insulin activity, and high fat oxidation.
  • Matcha green tea shows the most benefit for weight loss since the whole leaf is ground as consumed.
  • Green tea has been linked to better fat burning with exercise.

Tea decreases the risk of dementia

A study has shown that older adults who drank tea regularly had a 50% lower risk of dementia and cognitive decline after a five-year period. At the same time, previous studies also showed that individuals who consumed tea had higher scores on cognitive tests that were given. Findings suggest that these effects are due to the flavonoids found tea, as well as the L-theanine which regulates brain activities. The key factor seen on these results was that the people who drink tea daily during the course of the study had better outcomes than those who didn’t consume tea regularly. Check the recommended tea for your health.

Tea could help fight cancer

Tea, especially green tea, is known to contain exceptionally high antioxidants. Antioxidants can fight cancer by neutralizing free radicals, which are chemical by-products that damage DNA. The abundance of Epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG is seen to prevent cancer cells from growing and kill them, too.

Tea improves concentration

Tea contains caffeine and L-theanine which aids in increasing focus, better attention, and improved memory and reaction time. Drinking tea regularly can help you become sharp and focused. Opt for tea that is minimally processed to get the best results for improved working memory and cognitive function.

Tea boosts digestion

Another benefit of drinking tea regularly is that it enhances your metabolism. It contains tannins, which have shown to decrease intestinal inflammation. Various kinds of tea can be beneficial for gut health such as:

Chamomile and Peppermint tea

Chamomile tea

For gastritis, nausea, indigestion, and bloating

Fennel tea

For upset stomach and pain


Peppermint tea

To relieve gastrointestinal disorders

ginger tea

Ginger root tea

To stimulate gastric juice, bile, and saliva production; best taken with meals

Chai tea

To alleviate gas, heartburn, indigestion, nausea, and stomach cramps

Oolong tea

To help stop bacterial growth in the gut

Pu-erh tea

To aid with indigestion and break down of fatty food that is difficult to digest

Tea regulates blood sugar levels

Research has seen compounds in tea that help individuals with diabetes to process sugars better. This keeps blood sugar levels in control to help those with type 2 diabetes. Drinking black tea after a meal demonstrated the said effects up to two hours after eating.

Tea prevents tooth decay

As tea has been found to improve bone strength and density, regular consumption of tea can aid with tooth loss prevention. At the same time, tea can help with neutralizing pH levels in the mouth which help prevent plaque, cavities, and gum diseases. In addition, tea doesn’t contain substances that erode teeth enamel, unlike other beverages.

Tea strengthens your immune system

Due to the abundance of antioxidants, people who drink tea regularly can benefit from a stronger immune system that can protect from flu, cough, colds, and other common illnesses. Powerful antioxidants sweep up the substances that can pollute your body and keep your risk for diseases lower.

Final thoughts

Many individuals drink tea regularly because of the health benefits that they reap. If you’re considering to include drinking tea into your daily routine, you will take advantage of the effects listed above. Although there are still ongoing studies for more definite results to link tea with specific illnesses, the past research between tea and health have shown to be significantly positive.

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