10 Habits Keeping You From Living Your Best Life

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10 Habits Keeping You From Living Your Best Life

Life is a yin-yang of good and bad. Despite that, we all hope to tip the scales in our favor and taste the high of rational hedonism. But what if you yourself are the hurdle on the path to living your best life?

There’s no magic potion to live a content life. It requires nurturing and intentional molding to build a lifestyle that makes you feel fulfilled. Every one of us is flawed in some way. However, it’s never too late to start working on yourself. Let’s take a look at some habits that are slowing down your journey and the best ways to improve them.


Making Work Your Life


You’re a lucky one if you’re passionate about your job. Many people don’t have the privilege of actually enjoying what they do.

But this isn’t an excuse to make work your only priority. It’s not healthy for you or your personal relationships. If you’re guilty of working too much, all the time, it’s time to take a step back. Make time for yourself and your friends and family. Achieving a work-life balance is the way forward.


Just Eating Junk


Let’s get straight to the point. The days of eating absolute junk and surviving on snacks are over. Even if your 20-year-old body functions perfectly on crisps and soft drinks, it wouldn’t be able to do that forever. 

Part of being an adult is parenting yourself. You won’t always have someone around to take care of you. So, replace the junk with nutritious, balanced meals.


Not Exercising


Not to state the obvious, but exercising is important. Even if the idea of sweating in a workout class is revolting, you must partake in it.

Besides the physical benefits, exercising also improves mental health. Head over to Bodytonic Clinic to sign up for a free Yoga class.


Too Much Retail Therapy


Do you find solace in buying new things? Retail therapy might bring you momentary peace, but that’s all it does. Once the transient joy of one material thing expires, your mind will demand another. It’s a never-ending cycle you need to escape.

For the sake of your finances, put a stop to your impulse purchases. Look for investment opportunities to build a secure financial future.


Poor Sleep Cycle


With one thing after another, sleep often takes a back seat. While occasional sleep deprivation does not harm anybody, making it a routine is a no-no. Sleep is your body’s way to reset and restore. And depriving yourself of quality sleep is just an open invitation to health issues and hampered productivity.


Indulging Toxic People


Sometimes in the name of being polite, we end up with toxic people. Whether you’re hanging out with a discouraging coworker or dating a narcissist boy, let this be your intervention. 

Ask yourself, ‘Is spending time with this person good for my mental health?’. If the answer is no, then you know what you got to do.


Equating Drinking with Having Fun


Having a drink at the end of the day is an adult version of staying past your bedtime- it’s a treat. That being said, drinking shouldn’t be your idea of having fun. Curb your habit of regularly drinking and find other ways to have a good time. Might we suggest a good old fashioned bowling alley hangout? Or a drive-in movie night?


Being Glued to Screens


Apologies for agreeing with boomers, but a phone can’t be the center of your universe. Resist the temptation to watch another episode and do something that doesn’t involve staring at a screen.




The pace at which time moves is terrifying. But don’t let that push you to settle for anything. Don’t stay at a job that sucks your soul or with a partner you don’t really love. If you want the best from life, then you have to pursue the best for yourself. And settling will happen when it has to.




Steve-O says that he counts to three and does whatever he has to. It’s important to mention that his average day involves jumping off a roof into a pool of dry ice, but let that motivate you nonetheless. Procrastinating doesn’t make a job go away. Might as well do it immediately instead of panicking the last minute.

Hopefully, reading this helped you recognize your bad habits and inspire you to quit them.

Stacey Chillemi


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