Top 6 Herbs That Naturally Repel Fleas

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Top 6 Herbs That Naturally Repel Fleas

Are you sick and tired of annoying fleas? Have you applied so many chemicals-related products but they still come back and attack your home? If you are in that trouble, it means your home is so susceptible and it is badly in need to be protected immediately. Top 5 plants that can repel fleas from your home must be your answers you are looking for.

peppermint oil


Some research shows that one garden planting peppermint has less possibility to be attacked by fleas than the one without the mint. For human beings, the flavor of mint can help to calm our mood and chill out when we get stressed, however, for fleas, they find it as an irritable, offensive smell. It is highly recommended that you grow it in a container and put this on your window sill to prevent fleas from jumping into your house.

In addition, peppermint also has a variety of advantages such as digestion improvement, skin care, allergy reduction and so on. In case you are unfortunately to be bitten by pesky fleas or mosquitoes, don’t hesitate to crash peppermint leaves and apply it to your bites. This will soothe and cool your itchy skin immediately.



A “brother” of Peppermint, Basil, also stands on top plants that can keep fleas away from your home. No matter what position it is, both inside and outside your home, basil works well. To achieve the best effect, you can use water to boil basil. Maintain the little fire in 30 minutes to take all elements out. Remove basil leaves and pour that water into a spray bottle. Sprinkle the mixture about twice a week before going out to keep your house safe from fleas. Moreover, basil is one indispensable element in various dishes because it not only improves flavor but also stimulates the digestive system. If basil still does not exist in your house, don’t wait to grow it right now.

lemon balm

Lemon balm

Lemon balm, one member of the family Lamiaceae, can be ignored in making the contribution to expel annoying fleas. Of among a lot of benefits such as digestion enhancement, anxiety alleviation, relaxation and more, insect repellent may be not really common, and not many people know. Nevertheless, this good point is recognized.

Besides growing a lemon balm pot near the doors to avoid fleas, you also can rub crushed lemon balm leaves directly on the most vulnerable areas like ankles, arms, neck or legs. Why don’t you invest in this cost-effective method for a long effect right today?



The national flower of Portugal, Lavender, is one of the best ideas to protect your house from fleas. Many people put lavender in their house or drawers to maintain a pleasant odor and relax their minds. Lavender oil helps you have a better sleep. On the market, there are hundreds of lavender oil products that you can rub onto the skin to keep yourself far from insects.


Rosemary Plant for Fleas

There are a lot of natural flea repellents, but Peppermint, Basil, Lemon Balm, Lavender, and Rosemary may be the most common, effective and cost-effective. In addition to being a flea repellent, each and every type has its own different benefits. Obviously, you can’t find out any reason to not grow them in your lovely house, right? Undoubtedly, rosemary plays a role as a “giant guard” to keep your house flea-free. Grow rosemary around your garden in the sun and shady areas.

There is one more way to make use of rosemary. Take some rosemary and dry all. Boil dried rosemary with water in nearly 30 minutes in little fire. After 30 minutes, it seems that all good elements of rosemary are extracted, and you can take it out and throw away. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle to sprinkle the entire your house a couple of times a week. Besides, prepare a small-sized bottle and bring it together if you are going to visit an ecological forest or anywhere.

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