The World’s 5 Most Prominent Addictions

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The World’s 5 Most Prominent Addictions

When we think about addictions, we often think of extreme substance abuse and alcohol abuse as the only two kinds of addiction. However, rehabilitation centers such as the drug rehab in Orange County and other worldwide rehabs do not only treat patients for substance and alcohol addiction.  There are several other types of addictions.

While rehab centers sometimes incorporate holistic treatments, counseling, and various others to treat each patient’s addiction as a unique case, these are the five most common addictions worldwide.

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Tobacco Addiction

Tobacco is behind the world’s leading type of addiction as the addiction with more patients than any other. Each year, millions of individuals hope to kick the unhealthy habit.  At the same time, millions more take up the habit, unknowing of just how challenging it can be to quit. Even though tobacco is socially acceptable, the addiction can lead to…

  • lung cancer
  • mouth cancer
  • various other severe illnesses

These can be fatal.

Alcohol Addiction

Even though most of us would assume that hard street drugs would be in the lead, alcohol addiction is more of a global problem simply because most regions ensure that alcohol consumption is socially acceptable.

Many economies thrive on alcohol sales and production. However, the addiction has ended many lives, and families of alcoholics often feel the harsh impacts of the habit.

Fortunately, treatment centers specialize in treatment for this addiction, and there are several help groups and online platforms available where individuals facing the addiction can reach out for help.

Painkiller Addiction

Unfortunately, painkillers are accessible, pretty normal to have in your medicine cabinet, and they are also generally quite affordable. For this reason, painkiller addiction is the world’s third-leading type of addiction.

And the impacts can be devastating and fatal if treatment is not sought out. Painkillers are often highly addictive, and they can negatively impact the health of your internal organs and brain.

Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine addiction has been a problem for several years in various countries around the world. Upper-class individuals mostly use the popular substance due to the high price.

And even though addiction numbers in the United States seem to be gradually declining, the decline is so gradual that cocaine addiction remains a leading world problem. The impacts of cocaine addiction harm family members as well.

They can also be fatal for the user if treatment is not implemented soon enough, as the substance can eventually hinder brain functions, alter personality, and affect internal organs. Heroin addiction, unfortunately, also rates closely to cocaine addiction, and the more affordable substance is well-known to end lives.

Gambling Addiction

Gambling is another leading addiction worldwide, and even though no substance is involved, the brain experiences high levels of endorphins when gambling, which is where the addiction steps in.

Unfortunately, gambling is also becoming more accessible due to technology, as gambling sites are now smartphone-friendly. Fortunately, rehab centers also treat gambling addictions and have several effective treatments that help individuals overcome the struggle of gambling addiction every year.

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