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Can You Cure Addiction Naturally?

Natural recovery of addiction isn’t uncommon, but it usually doesn’t work for most people. Dependence of any type reacts on the brain and can be considered a global epidemic. From alcohol to opioids, there can be many things that cause permanent damage.

People start taking a drug in keen senses, but they soon cannot control their minds. There comes a time where they need medications for survival because their brains make them think so. People who are addicted need family support, especially if they plan to help the patient go through natural remedies. Here, we will tell you various natural ways to recover from drug addiction.

What is drug addiction?

Addiction is a type of attraction towards a substance that compels your brain to absorb it. When drugs enter our bodies, our minds become addicted to having excess dopamine. The pleasure hormone of dopamine affects the regular system of our thought and compels us to want more of it. When a person gets addicted they chase dopamine to attain pleasure. Every recovery process involves curtailing dopamine levels.

Drugs and alcohol aren’t the only things that we feel addicted to. Junk food, sex, caffeine, and many other things can add excess dopamine to our bodies. These elements give us pleasure regarding taste or physical satisfaction. Surprisingly, people can get addicted to having cough syrups because of the same reasons.

If you’ve read this so far, you’d understand the harms we do to our bodies every day. You might agree that you’re addicted to something even if it is not as grave as drug addiction. Some can be addicted to sweets while some can be addicted to sex. Having the power to control is tough but can lead us to the ultimate freedom.

How can we treat addiction?

Treating addiction is a lengthy process that has much more chance to fail than working. If you don’t take care of addicts, they can relapse and go back to their former behavior. Every action done by the addict during their recovery process must be considered and taken into account. Visiting experts at NAD Brain Restoration Therapy is more rewarding, but you can try to work out the natural healing process as listed below:



Doing yoga can cure addiction at many levels so practicing this art every day is helpful. It connects our body with our mind and helps us control thoughts. Yoga is meditation and can treat active minds to let go of the addiction. It helps people come out of drugs. The exercise form nurtures both mind and body and slowly helps an addict recover. We have to admit that it needs a lot of determination to continue and to convince addicts to practice every day.



Hypnosis works well when you’re trying to stop someone from smoking. It creates a wave state in our brains and makes the person receptive to suggestions. Hypnotherapists make a human brain reprogram commands. There were times when addicts reported having no desire to have a choice of the drug when waking from a hypnotic state. Withdrawal symptoms have been crucial to some.

Note that hypnosis doesn’t work for everyone and there are people naturally resistant to hypnosis techniques. They cannot be hypnotized no matter how well the expert works.

Milk Thistle

Milk thistle

This is a natural herb that comes with medicinal properties and can help recovering addicts. People who are addicted to alcohol or pills can benefit by adding this herb to their diet. Drugs and alcohol damage our liver and this herb can detox well. Milk thistle comes with unusual therapeutic properties that make our liver recover from abuse and get back to functioning normally. It helps fight environmental toxins as well.

Blue Skullcap


Many addicts have shown positive results after using skullcap for a week. It gives them a feeling of nausea and some have also faced insomnia. However, it has gradually stopped them from substance abuse. Skullcap works like a nervine agent and helps our body cope with withdrawal symptoms. It also rebalances the circadian rhythms of our organization and controls sleep cycles.


Omega-3 fatty acids

This is an essential element found in fatty fishes like mackerel and salmon. They are valuable and help our body reduce inflammation resulting from drug abuse. It assists our organization to have newer cells and improves cell communication, and lets addicts recover quickly. The fatty acids can support our body to stabilize mood, improve the flow of blood to the brain, and help the addict think clear. It eventually helps them get over cravings for substances they’re addicted to.

Can original therapy work for everyone?

Naturally, therapy to let go of addiction is gradual and works for people who are mildly into it. For example, if you’ve found out that your son is into substance abuse and you take immediate control of his health condition, these natural remedies can work. Some people, in their keen senses, realize that they’re not doing the right thing and turn to a healthier lifestyle. Even for them, these natural remedies can help.

People who are majorly into drugs and cannot differentiate between night and day will find it tough to let go. For them, these natural remedies might not work because their brains are majorly into it. These people need more support and external help. It is smart to take them to a rehabilitation center or help them have brain restoration therapy. The earlier you can help a person, the more are their chances to recover. What’s more crucial is maintaining it to prevent a relapse after recovery.

Final thoughts

Addiction is a problem that millions of people face at some point in time. No one wants to get addicted, but it is a gradual process that we get compelled to. Addicts deserve possibilities to return to normalcy. They need therapy programs along with support from family and friends. By now you would know which home remedies you can try. Work on them and see if it goes with the kind of problem you’re facing. If you don’t think natural resources can work, it is time you look out for therapy.

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