Holistic Treatment Methods for Addiction: Are They Effective?

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Holistic Treatment Methods for Addiction: Are They Effective?

If you have been looking into addiction treatment programs a lot recently then you have most likely seen the words holistic treatment floating around the internet. In seeing these you have probably been asking yourself “What is the holistic treatment? Does it really work?”

Here we will look into holistic treatment methods for addiction and if they are really effective. We will also explain who could benefit from holistic addiction treatment and some other things that you should consider when choosing your addiction recovery program like cost location, and services provided. 

What is Holistic Addiction Treatment? 

Holistic addiction treatment focuses on treating addiction itself instead of simply just helping their patients through an alcohol or drug detox, which is more of a traditional addiction treatment method approach.

This type of treatment usually involves various types of therapy such as addiction, behavioral, and clinical therapies. However, any therapies other than addiction therapy are included on a case-by-case basis. 

In addition to this, holistic treatment programs usually include support groups, beneficial activities, and counseling as well. Exercise, meditation, music, art, and other pastimes are some of the popular activities that are provided by holistic alcohol and drug rehab programs.

You can also find programs with specialized activities such as animal therapy if you are interested in that. “Counseling and support groups help prepare to recover alcohol and drug addicts for sober life and promote personal growth as well.”, says Mat Gorman, CEO at Briarwood Detox Center

Does it Really Work? 

The simple answer to this is yes, it does! Holistic treatment has been shown to be very beneficial for those going through addiction recovery for several reasons. The first is their approach to addiction recovery.

Instead of just treating the addiction at hand, holistic treatment focuses on all aspects of a person’s life that could contribute to their addiction. This includes any therapies that could be beneficial to the recovering addict.

It is very common for mental health issues and existing mental conditions to contribute to addictive behavior. Holistic programs also focus on preparing the recovering addict for sober living by emphasizing productivity and living a healthy lifestyle.

Therefore, although holistic addiction treatment could benefit any recovering addict, it is an excellent choice for people with mental health conditions or has experienced a relapse specifically. 

Who Could Benefit from Holistic Treatment 

Holistic addiction treatment could really benefit anyone. However, it could be a particularly great option for those who have experienced a relapse in the past. This is because a more holistic approach will provide more care for factors that could contribute to addiction.

This includes encouraging practices that improve mental health, increase productivity, and promote healthy coping mechanisms. For this reason, it is also beneficial for those who have a history of mental health conditions or problems.

This is because they are much more likely to provide the proper care for these conditions than a traditional rehab program might. As mentioned before, mental health issues can be a huge contributor to alcohol or drug addictions.

Holistic alcohol and drug rehab programs are also known for educating their patients on how to avoid addiction triggers, which greatly reduces the probability of a relapse. 

Some Other Things to Consider

It is important to note some important things to consider when choosing an addiction treatment program. If you have already decided that a holistic program is a good fit for your situation, then you might want to look into factors such as cost, location, and services provided.

There are payment plans usually available. Nevertheless, you should always ensure that an alcohol or drug rehab program is within your budget. This will reduce the likelihood of experiencing financial hardships during sober living, which also reduces stress.

Location is also important because it is usually preferred to stay somewhere close to home or your support system. In addition to this, you might want to choose a program with specific services available.

For example, you may want a program with renowned clinical therapy and services for a recovering addict with bipolar disorder. It is suggested that you look for a rehab program that is known for showing good results when it comes to successful addiction recoveries as well. 


A holistic addiction treatment program offers a well-rounded recovery that involves various therapies and activities that are tailored to each patient specifically. This is a potentially excellent option for any recovering addict but is a particularly great choice for individuals with mental health conditions or issues and those who have experienced a relapse.

Holistic treatment is a very popular option because it tends to show positive results. However, when you are choosing an addiction treatment program there are some other things that you should take into consideration.

These include elements like program cost, location, and the quality of their program. It is also suggested that you take their amount of success stories into account. 

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