Can You Overcome Addiction Through Alternative And Natural Approaches?

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Can You Overcome Addiction Through Alternative And Natural Approaches?

So, you have finally made the conscious decision to overcome your addiction!

There could be nothing better than that because you have already started your journey towards sobriety. However, you still have to make a few more decisions.

Do not get scared or worried about the idea of getting a good rehabilitation center because you will get plenty. You can click to understand the treatments you can proceed with.

Getting overwhelmed isn’t an option. All you have to do is keep calm and ask for the right help. There is an inevitable step of medical detoxification for every detoxification program, but if some are not comfortable with the idea of something so clinical.

Some can even have an aversion to certain medicine, and that’s hence they can talk to the professional about their detoxification plan.

Why People Want Alternative & Natural Approaches

There could be many reasons why people suffering from addiction would want something natural to recover. Before we discuss these reasons, here is a fair disclaimer,  Natural approaches are not homemade DIY detoxification. Even if you are opting for natural remedies, you will need a professional to help you with it.

Now, coming back to the reasons.

  • Some patients like the natural approach because it is less harsh to their bodies. This is mostly the case among patients suffering from drug addiction. They probably do not want their body to go through chemicals again.
  • There are patients who might be suffering from some serious aversions and allergies.
  • There are patients who like the idea of natural remedy because it helps to heal you completely inside-out. In addition, it focuses on both the body and soul rather than just detoxifying the body.
  • Patients also do not want to get addicted to the medicine that is given to them.

Can You Overcome Addiction With Natural Approaches

If this is your worry, you can overcome addiction with natural approaches. It will definitely take you more time than any other approach, but it’s worth it.

Here is how you will achieve it.

1. Detoxifying Superfoods

There is a list of detoxifying superfoods which you can incorporate into your diet. If you are in an inpatient facility, then talk to your doctors and reject the idea of medicines.

They will be able to arrange the food you might need for a natural detox. In an outpatient facility, try whole foods like almonds, avocado, celery, and green vegetables.

Drink a lot of water and have antioxidants in your diet.

2. Therapy

If you are planning to get into natural remedies, you do not have to be reluctant about the idea of therapy.

In fact, therapy is the most natural way to heal your mind by talking about the problems. You will be able to recognize the triggers and the elements in the environment that are causing these triggers.

3. Getting Rid Of Triggers

Now that you know the triggers which are causing you to relapse or have these excessive cravings, you know what elements you need to delete from your life.

Natural remedy also means fixing your environment, and that means getting rid of some questionable group of friends than doing that. Make sure you cut yourself from any supply.

4. Befriending New People

Through the natural process of remedy, you essentially impart more positivity in your life; socializing with new people can help that.

Ensure that these new groups of people are aware of your sobriety and are perfectly able to have fun without the aid of any substance.

5. Yoga

Yoga is the best way to calm the voices in your head. But, unfortunately, these are the voices that constantly force you to relapse.  With yoga, you can completely eliminate your body’s dependency on these substances.

6. Physical Exercise

Physical exercises are known for releasing endorphins. In short, this is the healthiest way to get that euphoria that your body is always craving. Plus, you know the best part!

This is a euphoria that is here to stay and not short-lived as those substances.

7. Meditation Retreat

Mindful meditation is calming your body and mind with just the element of breathing. This is the best alternative to deal with withdrawal symptoms and not take the aid of medicine for this.

Once you start your journey to sobriety, you can even go to a meditation retreat to get the motivation.

8. Professional Help For Withdrawal

If you are finding it difficult to maintain sobriety and the craving sensation is increasing. You can get a sober coach. Yes, it is only through daily affirmations and motivational talk with your sober coach that you can continue your path of sobriety.

9. Self-Help Groups

Volunteer to join self-help groups. This is where you will meet like-minded people who are also suffering from addictions similar to yours. The feeling of isolation will leave, and you will be left with a bunch of people who motivate each other.

What could be better than that!

10. Find New Distractions

Some of the common withdrawal symptoms are anxiety, depression, nausea, or insomnia. Rather than taking medicines for them, talk to professionals and find new alternatives. These are hobbies you can try when about to relapse. Like talking to a friend, watching a movie, or going for a run.

Enjoy Your Sobriety!

Your sobriety doesn’t begin from the time that you recover. It begins from the moment you decide to take the path of sobriety. If today is the day that you drain that bottle of wine down the sink and decide to be sober – You are!

Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. With this motivation, you should start doing all the above-mentioned activities. Throughout your natural recovery, you have to remember two things.

  • Yes, you have the courage and determination to do this! So, do not give up.
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself if you fail once you pick yourself up again!


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