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8 Ways to Naturally Improve Your Vision

The human body is a magnificent machine.  Furnish it with the right tools to do the job and it can repair itself in miraculous ways. Eyesight is a perfect example of this.  There are a number of individuals who make it through to old age without suffering the effects of diminishing vision – unlike the rest of us.  Can this be put down to mere genetic luck?  Whilst genes may play a role, our lifestyle and more specifically our diet can make a huge impact not only on our vision but protecting our eyes from outside influences, beyond our control. Chances are we will all end up needing some vision assistance in our lifetime, if only temporarily.  Aids such as cheap contact lenses and glasses can correct...

4 Ways to Improve Vision Naturally

4 Ways to Improve Vision Naturally

Yoga is a complex thing and if we say: "Yoga is a lifestyle" then we must insert into everyday life, to the today's problem. Our eyes are exposed to many harmful effects nowadays. UV Radiation Screens and LED Display Unhealthy meal and lifestyle Therefore it is most important to support this wonderful senses, what is our greatest treasure. Moving the eye muscles helps your metabolism of eyes, improves our vision and strengthens our eyes. The Eye Exercises enhance the concentration, develop and improve the anamnesis and our focusing. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="225"] We have six muscles around our eyes[/caption] Instructions for the exercise Sit on the floor in Padmasana (or some comfortable yoga sitting pose), sit with straight back, put your hands on your knees in Chin-mudra. Keep your heads straight and pay attention this aspect throughout...

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