4 Ways to Improve Vision Naturally

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4 Ways to Improve Vision Naturally

4 Ways to Improve Vision Naturally

Yoga is a complex thing and if we say: “Yoga is a lifestyle” then we must insert into everyday life, to the today’s problem.

Our eyes are exposed to many harmful effects nowadays.

  • UV Radiation
  • Screens and LED Display
  • Unhealthy meal and lifestyle

Therefore it is most important to support this wonderful senses, what is our greatest treasure.

Moving the eye muscles helps your metabolism of eyes, improves our vision and strengthens our eyes. The Eye Exercises enhance the concentration, develop and improve the anamnesis and our focusing.

We have six muscles around our eyes

We have six muscles around our eyes

Instructions for the exercise

Sit on the floor in Padmasana (or some comfortable yoga sitting pose), sit with straight back, put your hands on your knees in Chin-mudra. Keep your heads straight and pay attention this aspect throughout the exercises. Close your eyes and focus on the eye muscles. Keep your face relaxed throughout the exercises, breath with abdominal and make sure that only the eyes move. Do not move your head.

The exercises

Up and down

Open your eyes, look up the highest point and then move your eyes slowly down to the lowest point without moving the head then back up …  practice 10 times or as many time it feels good and then close your eyes, breathe with deep abdominal and relax.

Right and left

Open your eyes, look to the right on the edge of the horizon and look slowly to left without moving the head and from left to right … repeat 10 times or as many time it feels good. After close your eyes and relax.

Diagonally up and down

Open your eyes, look up diagonally to the right corner and from there look down slowly to the left corner. Practice in one direction 10x (or as often as it feels good) and after relax with closed eyes a bit. Then open your eyes and move to the other direction (left up – right down) 10x (or as often you moved in the opposite direction) then close your eyes to rest again. Breathe abdominal and relax.

Eyes circular movements both directions

Open your eyes, look up the highest point and start the eyes circular movements to the right-hand side on the horizon without moving the head. Do 10 rounds (or as well) then loosen the eyelids, close your eyes a bit. After move, the eyes with circular to the left direction 10x (or as often as you did to the right direction) then loosen the eyelid again.

Finally, relax your eyes as follows:

Close your eyes, rub your hands until the warm feeling and put your warm hands to the eyes like a dome (don’t touch your eyes), breathe with deep and relax. Feel the warm and dark relaxing effect.

After enduring the relaxing to your face: tense your facial muscles toward your nose (like a grimace) keep it and loosen it. At you experience the tense and loose different of status. 

Anita Eri 



Anita Eri


I’m Anitja from Hungary, Sivananda Yoga instructor. I got my diploma of Yoga Instructor in the Hungarian Sivananda Yoga Center in 2005, I took over exam success too on the “Postgraduate Institute of Medical” Health and Naturopath modules in the preceding years. I expanded my knowledge further in the Sivananda Yoga Center: Raja yoga, Meditation and Advanced courses, while simultaneously I studied in the College “Gate of Dharma” Buddhist philosophy and knowledge of the religion courses, especially Zen Buddhism and Zen meditation. There I met with my Love, who is my Teacher, my Master, my Religion too. We live in Worldwide with our four Children, that's why I started the online yoga support in my blog since 2010. My most important role is to keep the calm, this is my mission.



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