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Spring Time Detox: Restart Your Body

Spring is that time of the year when the flowers are blooming, the animals are cheering up, and everything seems to be waking up from the winter blues. So, to match the season, you should show your own body some love as well.  A spring detox doesn’t require any strict diets and intense workouts – yes, there are changes you’ll need to implement into your routine, but how many and how big depends on your current lifestyle and your needs. With that in mind, here are a couple of things you should do if you want to detox your body and feel better than ever. Start exercising If you’re already leading an active lifestyle, this shouldn’t be anything new or difficult. As for the couch potatoes –...

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Lemon Water Cleanse

There are so many health benefits that you will receive as a result of drinking lemon water every day. There are many health benefits from lemons that help to fight off infection and protect the immune system. That being said, drinking a warm lemon water recipe every day can prove to be extremely beneficial to your health. Here are some of the main reasons you should include this habit into your daily routine. Warm Lemon Water Recipe The first thing to know is how to make sure you are preparing the lemon water properly. You should definitely use purified water whenever you prepare the mixture. The water should not be hot but it should be lukewarm for the best benefits. Cold water is not good because it can be too much...

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