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Reasons to Seek Acupuncture – Treatment and Prevention

Reasons to Seek Acupuncture – Treatment and Prevention

Understanding Acupuncture Acupuncture is an ancient medical practice originating in China that encourages the body to heal itself by inserting needles and applying heat or electrical stimulation to specific acupuncture points. The technique is based on the Chinese belief that energy channels called meridians run through the body and its surface. The meridians nourish the body, but if there is an obstruction in their movement, ill health can occur. To help unblock the flow of energy, specific acupuncture points are needled depending on the ailment affecting the patient. In modern scientific terms, the needling is thought to stimulate the central nervous system to release chemicals. These chemicals can change our experience of pain or trigger other hormones that allow the body to internally regulate itself. By...

Chinese Medicine and Power of a Happy Heart

How To Experience Joy In Daily Life Using Chinese Medicine

By Shoshanna Katzman, MS, L.Ac., Dipl. Ac. & CH According to Five Element Theory, joy is the positive emotion of the heart, whereas sadness or lack of joy is negative. Experiencing joy in daily life is nourishing to the heart as well as a state of being that is highly desirable on many levels. Such joy is exemplified by a forward-arched chest, spring in one’s step, and ease with laughter combined with kind, loving interaction with self and others. Its attainment is derived through establishing balanced energy within the heart organ system, the cornerstone of Chinese medicine treatments directed toward heart health and emotional balance. In this article, you'll learn and discover how to experience joy in daily life using Chinese Medicine. Chinese medicine Chinese medicine teaches that...

Chinese Medicine: A Foundation for Health

Chinese Medicine: Herbalism Guide for Health

By Shoshanna Katzman, MS, Dipl., L.Ac. & CH Chinese medicine is an ancient system of medical wisdom and clinical tradition developed approximately 4,000 years ago to restore health and wellbeing. Over 15 million Americans have turned to it as a form of alternative/complementary medicine. Its main premise is that illness arises when the cyclical flow of qi becomes unbalanced, blocked, or depleted. Within this paradigm, the quality of health depends on how and where this energy flows. Its primary goal is to adjust and balance the energetic system to establish and maintain a free flow of qi (vital energy) throughout the body, thus working to address physical symptoms. This state of free-flowing energy promotes blood flow, which transports nourishment to the vital organs, glands, and tissues. Moreover, when qi...

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