Best Protein Diet Foods to Trigger Weight Loss

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Best Protein Diet Foods to Trigger Weight Loss

We all know how important protein is in our diet. In fact, you need to be eating enough protein to be able to build muscle and get that lean physique you’ve been striving for. People have been promoting high protein diets over high carb diets for a while now with diet crazes such as the Atkins diet etc.

Of course, when you’ve just started to get into fitness and weight loss it can be quite hard to try and work out what type of food you should be eating. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best protein foods that will help you with your weight loss.

10. Spinach

Spinach as actually amazing. Not only does a cup of spinach contain more protein than a hard-boiled egg but it also contains a lot of magnesium too. According to Consumer Health Digest, low libido can be helped by increasing your magnesium intake because it actually helps boost your testosterone levels which will, in turn, increase your libido.

Not only does it help you in the bedroom and in terms of weight loss because of its high protein, low-calorie properties but spinach also has anti-oxidant properties too. One of the best ways to get all the goodness of spinach into your body is to steam it to help your body break it down.

9. Guava

Guava is seriously a superfruit. If you have a sweet tooth this protein-packed fruit is perfect for you. You’ll also find that if you suffer from low testosterone then this food is for you because it contains so much Vitamin C which helps boost those testosterone levels.

Not only does it contain a whole bunch of great vitamins and minerals but studies have shown that guava actually helps to lower your BMI by boosting your metabolism. This fruit is perfect put in a smoothie with the peel on to get the very best out of it.

8. Artichoke

Artichokes are another superfood on the list. Artichokes help your weight loss because they are low in fat and high in protein. If you look at Phen375 reviews you’ll see that using supplements like Phen375 in combination with foods like Artichoke you’ll get even better weight loss results.

Not only is Artichoke great for weight loss but it also is packed full of vitamins and minerals and has anti-oxidant properties. It can also help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and cleanses your liver. Artichoke really is something you need to be included in your diet.

7. Peas

It might be surprising to hear – it was for us – but peas actually contain 8 times the amount of protein as spinach per cup! And since peas are so low in calories those extra grams of protein really add up if you’re looking to lose weight. In fact, some studies have shown that pea protein is just as effective at building muscle as whey protein is.

Peas are packed full of nutrients and have actually been shown to have anti-oxidant and anti-carcinogenic properties. So peas won’t only help with your weight-loss efforts but will also help to reduce your risk of cancer and improve your overall health.

6. Halibut

Fish is always a really good choice when it comes to good protein sources and halibut is no exception. Not only is it high in protein but it also has more fiber in it than oatmeal. Since halibut is so high in fiber it means that it’s super filling. In fact, halibut has been voted to be one of the most filling foods in the world.

Since halibut is so filling it means it helps your weight loss efforts because you’re less likely to consume more calories if you’re eating filling foods. One of the reasons for halibut’s filling-ness is that it is high in serotonin, which is one of the hormones that control your hunger levels. According to Consumer Health Digest symptoms of depression are also lessened by serotonin too. It’s a win-win situation.

5. Tinned Tuna

Tinned tuna is one of the best sources of protein you can get. Not only is it low fat and easy to get hold of but it’s super affordable too and one protein source most people can have. Because Tinned Tuna is so low in fat and calories it’s great for weight loss because it’s filling and packed with protein.

Not only does tuna have lots of protein in it but it’s also packed with vitamins and minerals. Studies have also shown that tuna meat has anti-oxidant and anti-carcinogenic properties as well as being great for reducing the risk of chronic diseases and the signs of aging.

4. Chicken

organic chicken broth

We all know that chicken is a fantastic source of protein. Chicken is great for weight loss because it’s a low fat, low-calorie source of good protein and even though it can be a little bland it’s one of the most versatile meats to include in your diet.

There have also been studies into chicken broth and its ability to help improve the performance of your workouts and help reduce fatigue and aid in muscle recovery. Chicken is just one of those foods that are versatile and a staple of any diet that allows meat.

3. Eggs


What came first, the chicken or the egg? Well, when it comes to protein, both of them are first. Eggs are excellent sources of protein and are low in calories. Hard-boiled eggs are great on-the-go snacks to pop into lunch boxes for people of all ages.

Egg yolk also contains high levels of Choline. Choline actually helps to boost your metabolism and melt fat. There are so many reasons why you should be eating more eggs if your diet allows it.

2. Beans

Beans are an absolute must for any diet. They are one of the best plant-based sources of protein that you can find. They are great for your body as they contain a load of vitamins and minerals that are so beneficial for your wellbeing.

Not only are beans a great source of protein, vitamins, and minerals but they are also super high in fiber. Foods that are high in fiber keep you fuller for longer. This means that if you eat foods high in fiber you’re less likely to eat more and so get better results in your weight loss.

1. Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is super high in protein at a whopping 20g of protein per serving. That’s really massively high for any food and you shouldn’t underestimate yogurt as a protein source.

Greek yogurt also contains a lot of probiotics. Studies have shown that probiotics actually help weight loss and that people who consume probiotics on a daily basis actually lose more weight than those who don’t. So look for unflavored versions of Greek yogurt and add your own fruit to it for the best results.


As you can see there are numerous different forms of protein-filled foods out there that are beneficial for your weight loss efforts. The foods listed above are our top 10 because not only do they contain high levels of protein but they also contain other vitamins and minerals that help with your overall health and wellbeing.

All of the foods listed above will help in your efforts to lose weight. Each one of them has a specific advantage to weight loss and we thoroughly recommend you add all of them to your diet if you don’t consume them regularly already.

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