Greenlife Organics Hand Sanitizer & CBD Balm Reviews

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Greenlife Organics Hand Sanitizer & CBD Balm Reviews

After using the products for several weeks learn and discover what I thought of the products. (Watch the video review to learn!)

About Greenlife Organics’ Hand Sanitizers  

It’s 80%  Alcohol Hand Sanitizer.  Shield your hands from harmful germs and bacteria with our 80% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer, this unique formula meets WHO/FDA guidelines to support personal and community safety.

Greenlife Organics’ Response to the Importance of Clean Hands

Key Points:

  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stresses we need to keep our hands clean and avoid contact with our faces
  • Soap, water and hand sanitizer can help keep your hands clean
  • Unless your hand sanitizer is above 70% alcohol, it is ineffective to eliminate viruses
  • They are using our Licensed Pharmacy to make 80% Ethyl-Alcohol USP Hand Sanitizer in spray bottles
  • Their fulfillment center has been reconfigured to ensure all deliveries are clean

About Greenlife Organics CBD Muscle Balm

For muscle relief: Custom formulated for those seeking natural support for muscle, knee, and joint pain relief.

Strengths: 400mg or 800mg of active CBD per jar for a potent effect.

Quality: Crafted with 100% Organic Hemp Plants from select farms in California & Oregon, USA. Scent: Naturally aromatic

Safety: Third-Party Verified to ensure the final product is pure & free of possible contaminants. Free Shipping!

Tips for Good Health and Safety

  1. Stay Home
  2. Keep Social Distance of 6 Feet
  3. Use Hand Sanitizer from a hand sanitizer manufacturer







To your health and safety,

Stacey Chillemi

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