Standard Healthcare Precautions Against COVID-19

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Standard Healthcare Precautions Against COVID-19

A total lockdown has been implemented across different countries in order to contain the coronavirus pandemic that started in Wuhan, China. People are advised to stay at home to reduce the risk of transmission. The first level of protection in opposition to the virus is to follow the defensive practices advised by the World Health Organization and the government.

As the whole world battles against COVID-19, what are the preventive practices that you should do to shield yourself and your family from the pathogenic virus? Here are the standard healthcare precautions to keep yourself from acquiring the COVID-19 virus and entering your house.

Stay at Home

Some countries have imposed penalties and punishment for people who will violate the community quarantine policy. Staying at home seems to be the easiest part of preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus disease, but people find it quite difficult to follow. The businessmen have transactions and meetings to make it to, the students have to attend school, and others of the marginalized sector need to go outside to earn money for the food and basic needs of the family.

No matter how we view things, people need to go out and make a living. Yet, today’s pandemic crisis is not a flimsy matter; turning a blind eye does not make citizens insusceptible of the disease. The government is doing the best they can to combat the deadly virus and it is the role of the constituents to submit to their leaders. According to John Locke’s social contract theory, the government should serve and protect the interest and welfare of the public. In order for that to work, people need to surrender a portion of their freedom by following the laws and policies implemented by the government.

Staying at home will protect you from acquiring the virus. At the same time, you will help prevent the spread of the virus by doing so.

Hand Hygiene

Your hands get dirty first and the most. You use them to carry out your daily tasks. To make sure they are clean, wash your hands carefully with soap and water for 20 seconds every now and then. After that, use alcohol with a 70% solution or a hand sanitizer. In this way, you will get rid of the bacteria that stick and stay on them.

Groceries and supermarkets are running out of hand disinfectants but some companies are still in operation such as a hand sanitizer factory. Wait for these hand cleansers to be available in your local stores and make sure to get enough for the family. Remember, hoarding does not kill the spread of virus so don’t!

Respiratory Hygiene and Cough Etiquette

When sneezing or coughing, keep the respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette in mind. Cover your mouth and nose with a paper towel or use a disposable surgical mask at least. Also, perform hand hygiene if you have any contact with respiratory secretions. Dispose of used tissues and masks properly. You can also use your elbow in covering your mouth and nose if you don’t have anything to place over it.

Social Distancing

Social distancing or physical distancing is one of the most popular precautionary measures in order to avoid getting infected. People should maintain a 1-meter distance from others especially when in public. This practice prevents people from catching microdroplets from another person beside or around him. Avoid close contact with those who are sick and under investigation or monitoring—individuals who have mild or severe symptoms and under strict self-quarantine.

Avoid Touching the Face

If your hands have microdroplets contaminated with the coronavirus, you are in trouble. That is why you should wash and disinfect your hands often. What more if you touch your face with unclean hands?

According to WHO, people geet infected once the virus gets into the eyes, nose, and mouth. So, although it’s totally hard not to touch the face, particularly when something’s itchy, try your best not to. Or at least make sure your hands are clean first before doing it.

Clean and Disinfect Household Surfaces

One more important thing, clean and disinfect your house. Scrub every surface, wipe the windows, mop the floors, get rid of the dust. You can’t live in a filthy home! The dirt always invites bacteria, sickness, and viruses. Moreover, don’t forget to clean the things that you always use. These are high-touch items and surfaces such as phones, remotes, laptops, tables, doorknobs, etc.

Following the standard healthcare precautions provided by the World Health Organization won’t hurt. This is for your own good. Let’s be one with our nation and the world in fighting against the novel coronavirus disease 2019. We will win this war if we are united in prayer and discipline. Stay at home and keep your hands clean to survive and help others survive as well. Finally, let’s appreciate the front-liners who are putting their lives at risk only to help the afflicted patients recover.

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