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7 Ways to Improve Your Dog’s Diet Today

Improve Your Dog’s Diet today. You want to ensure your dog's health stays in tip-top shape at all times. Making some dietary changes means you could reduce their risk for a disease or other detrimental side effects of a poor diet. ...


Do Dogs Look at Humans as Gods?

No. Definitely not. How arrogant of you to think so. Let’s compare what dogs can do to what people can do (from a dog’s point of view.) Spot the dog can: Run really fast Leap effortlessly over fallen logs Smell things that passed by AGES ago Swim for hours Understand that cats are the anti-Christ Understand that squirrels are evil demons Hear and recognize the sound of their human’s car when it is a block away Poop wherever it likes Brian, Spot’s Human: Is quite slow… Even when Brian is running as fast as he can, Spot is very casually loping alongside him. Cannot jump very high at all, and must even fetch a stool just to take something from the top shelf Has NO IDEA that 5...


5 Essential Benefits of CBD Oil for Cats

Since The Farm Bill legalized hemp-derived CBD in 2018, people can enjoy the many benefits of CBD oil. Did you know animals can, too? There are cannabidiol products for cats and dogs such as treats and oils. When used as a dietary supplement or applied to the animal's coat, CBD has positive effects on their health. Continue reading to learn 5 benefits of CBD oil for cats. What is CBD Oil? Cannabidiol is a compound found in both hemp and marijuana. The difference between these two kinds of CBD is the amount of THC. Hemp-derived CBD contains less than 0.3% of THC, meaning you (and animals) can't get high from it. Marijuana, which has much higher levels of THC, can reduce and cause anxiety. Hemp-derived CBD only reduces anxiety. This CBD type...


Tips On How To Take Best Care of Your Pets

Pet care is the primary factor in raising pets at home or anywhere. Pets need love, care, and shelter from human beings, and if you are a pet owner you become liable to the wellbeing of your pet. They must be treated just like any other family member, with a lot of love and affection. Pets also need your time and care, so if you are a pet owner, sit down to play with your pets at least for a few minutes every day. They give you an abundance of love in return. Pets are the only family member who expects nothing but for your love. Pets give you more love than what you give them. Below are a few important reasons why you should care...


How Cats Can Improve Your Family Life

Owning a feline friend is proven to make us happy and healthy. Cats have the power to boost our energy and create positive emotions. They are naturally clean animals and require less care than dogs, which makes them the perfect pets even for busy people with families. There are many studies that prove the benefits of cats. Read on and find out how cats can improve your family life! Social Support Cats will help you cope with the pain, no matter how big it is. They help people get over their loss more quickly and show fewer symptoms of sadness. This makes them the perfect social support pets. Cats are good companions that will remember the kindness shown to them and return the favor later. Benefits For Kids Growing up...

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CBD for Dogs is The Best Way To Care for Your Pet

In this article, you'll learn and discover why CBD for dogs is the best way to care for your pet. CBD dog treats are exploding! In popularity that is! The popularity of CBD, the non-intoxicating medicinal compound found in cannabis, is not just exploding among humans. It’s also rising fast among another species of mammals — dogs. Sales of CBD dog treats and CBD oil products made specifically for man’s best friend have been on a rapid rise as of late — and for good reason, says Simply Pet Dog CBD.  Pet owners nationwide are delighted by the results they’re seeing including reductions in anxiety, aggression, nausea, and pain, as well as some less common conditions such as seizures. What exactly is CBD, and what are the...

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