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Head Lice: How To Tell If You Have Lice Plus Natural Treatment Options To Get Rid of Them

Home Remedies and Natural Remedies for Head Lice: What Works?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Head lice or head louse are small parasites that can only survive in a human host. Lice have six legs with tiny claws at the ends. This allows them to attach themselves to individual strands of hair. The parasites have the ability to stay attached to their human hosts, close to the scalp, where they feed on blood. Lice aren’t dangerous, in the sense that they don’t carry diseases according to the CDC. The bites will cause annoying itching and could potentially lead to an infection. How Many Eggs Do Lice Lay?                Nits are the name for the eggs hatched by a head louse. An adult female louse will travel to a human’s scalp to lay her eggs and can lay about 3 to 5 eggs each day. When the egg is laid, a...

Biotin for Hair Growth – Grow Long and Strong Hair and Combat Hair Loss with Biotin

Biotin for Hair Growth – Grow Long and Strong Hair and Combat Hair Loss with Biotin

For most people, a matter of constant concern is how to get their hair to grow long and strong. While most people rely on what they have learned from their mothers and grandmothers, there are those who prefer to believe in science. So, in a bid to grow their hair long, they choose to take supplements, which will increase their hair, or at least that is what most of them claim to do. If you are thinking of taking supplements for hair growth, then there are some things that you should know beforehand and you need to make informed decisions, rather than just blindly believe what you have heard from someone you know.Biotin, or vitamin B7, is a supplement for hair growth that is becoming...

DIY: Homemade Frizzy Hair Remedies!

[embed]https://youtu.be/F0zAKZL0vD8[/embed]Frizzy hair is something many girls are troubled with. You work so hard to get the perfect hair texture and then suddenly after a few hours, your hair is back to square one, dry and frizzy. Although our natural hair texture can be blamed for frizzy hair, good care can be taken to solve the issue and get the perfect hair which you have been dreaming about. With the help of the few items in the kitchen, you can reach this goal. What is frizzy hair? A frizz in the hair occurs when hair cuticles are raised due to which the strands swell up, and the hair becomes frizzy and dry. Curly hairs tend to have this problem more often than straight hair as the strands are...


Ridiculously Fashionable Short Haircuts for Men

With so many fashionable and chic short haircuts for men nowadays, there are numerous men's haircuts worthy giving a shot. Here, we highlight some of the best styles and cuts from barbers across the world. Whether you are interested with a quiff, high or low skin fade, faux hawk, buzz cut or pomp, there is a fresh cut that suits your style!Besides, short haircuts for guys are effortless to style and maintain. This makes them a straightforward choice yet on-trend. So, if you came here to get the modern haircuts for your short hair, this list will be most useful to you. Take a look.High Undercut Fade and Slicked Back Hair These short haircuts for men can accommodate any man’s sense of style. The hair is...


How Herbal Hair Oil Can Rejuvenate Your Hair

Herbal hair oil has numerous benefits that can nourish your hair in a wholesome way. This hair miracle is made by combining some of the best herbs and botanical extracts that can make your luscious tresses grow to their full potential. In this way, we can make use of the exotic flora that is available in the great land that is India.These herbal hair oils are made using the knowledge contained in Ayurvedic treatises. This traditional Indian system of medicine contains information about the different herbs and oils that can come in handy when you want to concoct something as innovative and useful as a blend of herbal hair oils. The best part about this is that even Western countries have acknowledged the myriad benefits...

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General Rules to Get Long and Healthy Hair

Long and beautiful hair is the dream of all women. A luxurious hair is associated with health, strength, and good heredity. Is it possible to achieve this goal without expensive procedures? By the way, the best helpers on the way to voluminous hair are natural care products and healthy food, and the greatest enemy is heated styling. The harm of heat styling Heat styling makes hair dull and brittle and can increase the chance of hair loss. However, it’s impossible to avoid hair setting at all. That’s why you should choose the best hair dryer, flat iron or curling iron which can help to have your hair styled carefully. A high-quality device prevents dryness and fragility of hair. Don’t use too high temperature and always remember about...


Edgy and Cute Short Undercut Women Haircuts for Your Inspiration

Awe-Inspiring And Bold Undercut Women To Copy Short undercut women are ideal for stealing the show; the edgy look is also super trendy and feminine if styled perfectly. It is the most popular style right now, and it has come with a variety of designs. It is actually the chameleon haircut currently, and we don't see any possibility of it going anywhere soon!Short undercut haircuts for women gives them an opportunity to show and experiment their love for fashion and their unique personality while being flexible enough to rock it on different formal and informal occasions. See the following list of trendiest undercut women haircuts.Understated Cool Undercut This short undercut woman is ideal for both worlds! It gives you a rare opportunity to reveal the hint of...