Ridiculously Fashionable Short Haircuts for Men

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Ridiculously Fashionable Short Haircuts for Men

With so many fashionable and chic short haircuts for men nowadays, there are numerous men’s haircuts worthy giving a shot. Here, we highlight some of the best styles and cuts from barbers across the world. Whether you are interested with a quiff, high or low skin fade, faux hawk, buzz cut or pomp, there is a fresh cut that suits your style!

Besides, short haircuts for guys are effortless to style and maintain. This makes them a straightforward choice yet on-trend. So, if you came here to get the modern haircuts for your short hair, this list will be most useful to you. Take a look.

High Undercut Fade and Slicked Back Hair

These short haircuts for men can accommodate any man’s sense of style. The hair is slicked to the back to give this style a unique look. The elongated hair at the top gives you a myriad of styling possibilities.

High Razor Fade

A polished short haircut with a high razor fade is an excellent idea for sports and other outdoor events since it is effortless to maintain and remains neat by just a single wash daily. It is also ideal short haircut for guys who are ever busy with little to no time to style their hair.

Comb Over Pompadour And Edge Up

A chic and sophisticated haircut with a basic flair. This comb over pompadour is both romantic and versatile. Including a low fade, makes this style the top pick look for guys with varying types of hair and face shapes.

Low Skin Fade and Side Part

Another superb cut with a contemporary twist. The side part is specifically of concern here since it gives this look an extra class, and you can choose it to be your signature haircut for all occasions, both formal and casual.

Slicked Back Undercut

This short haircut for men has been in fashion for so long. It looks great when matched with beards.

Fohawk and Low Fade

These short haircuts for men give you a masculine, energetic and a professional look as well. The top hair is made to look fuller by the low fade on the sides. The idea of fohawk gives the style a fresh texture.

High Bald Fade and an Elongated Comb Over

This is a contemporary, cute alternative to the standard sweep back. It features messy hair on top that gives an extreme contrast with the sides which are faded. It is hustle-free look for guys looking to embrace the “bad boy with messy hair” look.

Hard Side and Tapered Fade

This list of short haircuts for men could be incomplete without this style. The subtle and frisky hairstyle looks great on any hair shade. Including the taper, fade is essential since it adds more freshness in the summer. Besides, it takes little time to style every morning.

Long Fade and Quiff

This short cut for men is characterized by one thing; the spiky texture on the crown that enhances dimension to the entire style, giving a thicker impression to this cut. Opting to comb the low fade with quiff is an effective way to modify your look.

Disheveled Undercut

The disheveled variation of an undercut looks great with a textured style of the slick back. Besides, you can opt to style the long top hair into a comb-over using the right styling gel.

Temple Fade and Combed Up Hair

Choosing to brush your hair up is a great way to boost volume and dimension on top. This makes men with round face shapes look oval. The temple fade further enhances the oval look. You can include a line-up for a contemporary classic touch.

High Skin Fade and Quiff

This short haircut for men adheres to the principle of “long on top and short on the sides” men’s haircuts trends is now dominant in all barber shops across the world nowadays.


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