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Natural remedies against dandruff

Natural Remedies Against Dandruff

With the arrival of winter, our hair becomes weaker and thinner day after day. Constant wearing of the hat, lack of vitamins and minerals lead to major hair problems like dandruff and hair loss. Stresses, unhealthy eating, bad habits and hard work can only worsen the whole situation. Luckily, there is a way out! You can easy solve your hair problems with the help of our tips from the best barber in New York.AspirinYou can be surprised, but aspirin, or salicylic acid, is a key ingredient of almost all anti-dandruff shampoos you can see in the market. Simply crush two or three pills of aspirin into your regular amount of shampoo and wash your hair. Don’t forget to rinse your head carefully after.LemonIt is a...

How to keep your thatch healthy from the very beginning

How To Keep Your Thatch Healthy From The Very Beginning

If you want to keep your thatch healthy from the very beginning, you should take care of your scalp well since this is where your hair begins. We’ve consulted the best barbers in NYC and prepared these valuable tips for our readers: Choose the right shampoo The right shampoo can make a big difference, so you should make a good choice. It’s important to consider your hair type in order to make the most of your product in the shower. You should also pay attention to the most annoying problems such as dryness or oiliness because the right shampoo can make your life easier. Set an optimal temperature Even though hot water feels nice, it doesn’t mean it’s beneficial to your hair and scalp. Actually, an extremely...