How to Tackle Menstrual Pain Naturally

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How to Tackle Menstrual Pain Naturally

Ugh, the dreaded cramps that females experience during that time of the month are annoying, uncomfortable and at times, painful to deal with. To say the least, menstrual pain puts a crimp in carrying everyday activities. So, if you want to bid goodbye to the pain but don’t want to pop pills, here are a few natural remedies that will surely give you relief from the unwanted guest that comes with periods. But first, pat yourself on your back for this thoughtful decision of fighting menstrual pain naturally.

Switch to Natural Medicines

Herbal medicines contain anti-inflammatories that help in reducing muscle contractions and cramps that follow it. Online pharmacies have a long Patanjali medicines list, and these medicines are effective in treating menstrual pain. Some of these include Patanjali Divya Stri Rasayan Vati, Patanjali Divya Dashmularistha, and Patanjali Divya Dasmool Kwath. Keep a stock of any of these medicines to tackle menstrual pain naturally and healthily.

Improve Your Diet

healthy food

This goes without saying that a diet rich in vegetables and low in fatty foods is the best diet. The added benefit of reducing fat and increasing vegetable intake is that it helps in easing menstrual cramps as well. Furthermore, the fat found in fish, nuts, and vegetable oils is healthy fat and makes for a balanced plate. In addition, a low-fat diet also decreases inflammation in the body and keeps bloating away.

Exercise a Little


Yes, we know you must be thinking that how is it even possible to exercise when one can barely think of moving. We totally get that. All we are saying is that you get into some non-vigorous exercise like brisk walking when suffering from pain caused by cramps. When you are doing any exercise, the body starts pumping more blood and helps in releasing endorphins that counteract the prostaglandins and thus reduce cramps.

Cuddle Up with a Heating Pad

Heating pads have proved extremely helpful in fighting menstrual pain since time immemorial. In simple words, they are a blessing for easing life during that time of the month. Keep the heating pad on the lower abdomen and lie down in a comfortable position for maximum results. For many, cuddling up with the heating pad is enough to fight the pain. So, if you haven’t already tried this, it’s time that you invest in a good quality heating pad.

Massage with Essential Oils


A soft massage with essential oils is a proven way to ease menstrual cramps. Either do it by yourself or seek help from a friend or your partner. Massage your lower abdomen softly in a circular motion using essential oils like lavender, marjoram or clary sage every day to reduce pain when the periods arrive. Just be sure that these oils are not causing any irritation on the skin.

Keep Yourself Hydrated


Staying hydrated is one of the best things you can do to prevent pain. Warm water increases the blood flow and relaxes cramped muscles. In addition, including foods (berries, celery, and cucumber) with high water content is also a good way to keep your body hydrated. Some experts also suggest that adding some herbs or mugwort vinegar in water also aids in fighting cramps.

Final Words!

If you religiously follow any of these tips mentioned above, you will allow your body to heal from both outside and inside. In addition, you will see a positive shift in your health and your cramps will reduce. However, if you still experience discomfort and are unable to bear the pain, consulting a gynecologist is recommended.

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