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The Complete Herbal Guide / Spiritual Coach  / MAKE EACH MOMENT COUNT~
make every moment count


Time Is Precious

TICK, TICK, Each minute is ticking away, make each moment in time count!

Make Each Moment Count~Stay in the present moment, right where you are now.

That’s the only moment where happiness, joy, and love can be found. And remember to make each moment count.

It is a waste of energy to try to hold on to the moments of the past when you try to reach for them, there are gone.

Jumping into the moment of the future, it’s poor timing.

So, stay where you are now, and prove to yourself, that each moment in your life is a precious gift from above.

In today world, so many new adventures can be made, take a journey, and explore new adventures. What a fabulous life that can lead to.

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Arlene Kaplanis


Spiritual advisor Arlene Tina will help guide you in your spiritual journey. She offers advice and answers questions you may have while you travel through life’s ups and downs. She can help you find your purpose in life and connect with your inner self.