Things to Do to Prevent Getting Tempted to Use Your Phone Before Sleeping

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Things to Do to Prevent Getting Tempted to Use Your Phone Before Sleeping

Given the availability of content on various social media pages and the fear that you will be behind the latest, you keep browsing your phone, even as you go to sleep at night. The problem is that when you use your phone for an hour or less before you sleep, it prevents you from falling asleep quickly. As such, it is crucial that you change your lifestyle and find a way not to get tempted to use your phone in bed.

Charge your phone in the kitchen

 If you want to wake up with a fully charged phone, you can place it in the kitchen. Do not have it as an excuse to sleep next to your phone. If there is an emergency, you will learn about the problem the next day.

Buy an alarm clock

 Before phones had the alarm feature, most people used a regular alarm clock. It is important that you wake up on time and set the alarm is necessary. The regular alarm clock is just as effective as the one you use on your phone. If you already have an alarm clock, you can keep your phone outside the bedroom.

Do not use sleep-tracking apps

 You might think that these apps are effective and will help you analyze your sleep better. The truth is you are only going to worry more when you use these tracking apps. You overanalyze your sleep, and it could be disruptive.

Do not bring work home

Given how powerful smartphones are these days, if you use them you can keep on working. You can write emails, type in Microsoft Word, and send messages to your colleagues. Therefore, even if it is already late, you still keep working. If you have tons of pending tasks, you can set a time to work at home, and once you hit it, you need to stop working.

Do other things when you are unable to sleep

 It is possible for you to not sleep right away at night. When you have tried to sleep for about 20 minutes, and you still have a hard time, you can read a book. You can also write a to-do list for the next day. These things do not involve the blue light coming from a phone. Hence, they are safe. If you start feeling sleepy, you can go back to bed.

There is always the next day

 Do not worry if you cannot finish the tasks you need for the day. There is always the next day for you to finish things off. There is no need for you to rush.

Apart from making it difficult for you to sleep when you keep using your phone, you might also get exposed to radiation. As such, it is crucial that you consider using an EMF pendant. Even when you sleep, you can keep wearing it.

You need to change your habits now before your phone use at night prevents you from living a healthy life.

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