Tips on Dental Emergencies While Traveling Abroad

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Tips on Dental Emergencies While Traveling Abroad

Tips on Dental Emergencies While Traveling Abroad

Dentists are doctors that deal with problems related to oral health. Oral issues include teeth, gums, and mouth. When we consider the dental issues they handle we understand that these medical professionals deal with the issues like teeth cleaning, issues relating root canal, surgeries in the oral section, applying braces, taking an x-ray, examining minutely and diagnosing the whole issue.

Dental emergencies

It is the time when you need to visit your dentist as soon as possible. It is not necessary that a patient is alarmed before such emergency, it can occur in an unexpected way, and this is the time when you need to take an immediate decision. When traveling abroad you do not know a lot of people there and so you need to take appropriate steps to find the right professional if you face dental emergencies.

Points to remember for dental emergencies when traveling abroad

There are few very important tips which can help you during such crisis:-

  • Very first thing include that you must be clear with your dental problems or issues, particularly in advance. Otherwise, due to lack of proper information and care in an emergency situation, you could be in trouble.
  • Your traveling luggage must contain some dental medicines or a dental kit. In case you are traveling with a company then they should provide some good and immediate treatment or doctors for you.
  • If you are looking for a dentist in emergencies then it is important to Google some of the reputed dental clinics in the region around you, and call them up to know if they can provide emergency services. But, before you give them a call, it will be better to try out some non-prescription medicines, because at times it may happen that the issue that was bothering you was quite a minor one.
  • During emergencies do not hesitate to ask the experts in the dental clinic if they have really understood your problem clearly, and you need to make sure they have a good amount of experience on these types of issues. It may happen that due to hustle and bustle you have not chosen the correct dentist.
  • If the place you are visiting is completely new, then you can go through the online directories. You can also ask around near your accommodation to get some help for you.
  • You can ask or refer any of your contacts who have recently visited this country or city where you are traveling; this can be a good idea.
  • If it is a not such a developed country or city then the better option is to ask help from your embassy, they must have a list of all emergencies.


Not only the place but the staff and dentist too should be cooperative and trained to handle dental emergencies. Never just rely on the verbal assurance given by anybody; before approving to any surgery or examining ask your dentist all the necessary proof and x-ray report. They may be taking it as a business.

You should always recheck your receipt, read your report and before signing it is best to go through the terms and condition. Please check if there is any hidden terms or charges.  It may happen that due to poor diet or an unhealthy lifestyle you have suffered from it even in the past; but this is the time you feel helpless as you are abroad, away from your family and home. So there is no need to panic; there are some important tips that you can get some temporary relief: –

  • Clean your mouth with warm water; keep warm water for few seconds in your mouth.
  • Avoid sugary, hard and chewy food as this can increase pain.
  • Never choose the option of painkillers.
  • If blood is seen on the gums rinse mouth with water.
  • Carry a bottle of mouthwash with you to maintain good hygiene.

Remember this above-mentioned points which will help you to choose the best dentist for dental emergencies when traveling abroad.

Author Bio:

This above article was written by Justin Jersey and I hope these bits of advice will help you to choose the best dentist when traveling abroad.

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