Why Taking An Ounce of Coconut Oil a Day is Good for Your Health?

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Why Taking An Ounce of Coconut Oil a Day is Good for Your Health?

We have all heard the impressive and amazing benefits of coconut oil; however, have you wondered why take an ounce of coconut oil a day is good for your health? The health benefits of this amazing product are always in the limelight.

From using it as toothpaste to other beauty products, an ounce a day of coconut oil will keep you healthy. In the below article you will learn different benefits of coconut oil and why you should never miss it in your cupboard.

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#1 Coconut Oil helps you Lose Weight

Most people want to lose weight and feel confident as they walk around, and most of us are in caloric deficit state as we search for different ways to lose weight. Keep in mind what you eat matters, and coconut oil is one great healthy fat that should be in your diet.

Yes, coconut oil is healthy fat, and it consists of medium chain fatty acids that give your body metabolism a boost. When you take an ounce a day of coconut oil it helps you to burn calories, and it’s more thermogenic, and it increases your energy expenditure.

It’s mandatory to main healthy organs as you lose weight, and coconut oil helps to protect your liver and gives your thyroids high-performance level. Whether you are mid-way or starting on your weight loss journey, you need to incorporate an ounce of coconut oil in your daily routine.

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#2 Coconut oil lowers your Heart Diseases Risks

According to a study done in Papua New Guinea, those people who thrive in coconut oil are known to have the healthiest hearts. Coconut oil and coconut food help to lower risks of heart attacks, arterial damage, and strokes.

Coconut oil improves your overall cholesterol by reducing LDL (bad) and increasing HDL (good) levels by just converting your cholesterol found in the bloodstream to a more usable form. The whole process helps to reduce plaque that builds up in your arteries.

The MCTs found in coconut oils reduces triglycerides, performs as antioxidants in your blood streams and improves blood coagulation.

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#3 Coconut oil acts as Pro-Health

Coconut oil is one of the highly anti-inflammatory foods that you can ever consume. Their healthy benefit to your body is unbelievable and it goes much further to:

  • Anti-carcinogenic- Helps to boosts immunity and keep cancer cells at bay preventing them from spreading
  • Anti-bacterial- stops harmful infections and bacterial from inhibiting your body
  • Anti-Inflammatory- Coconut oil helps to repair tissues and at the same time suppress inflammation
  • Anti-Fungal- Destroys yeast and fungus that leads to body infections
  • Anti-microbial- fights body infections and helps to inactivate harmful microbes
  • Anti-oxidant- protects your body against damage
  • Anti-viral/protozoa/parasitic/retroviral- rids your body from lice and other parasites like tapeworms destroy virus caused by herpes, hepatitis, and influenza and kill infection found in the gut

Just an ounce a day of coconut oil protects your body from infection and diseases and keeps you happy and healthy.

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#4 Coconut Oil acts as Better Nutrients Absorption

Coconut oil when ingested helps your digestive tract to absorb fat-soluble like Vitamin A, D, E and K. For those who take supplements of the high nutrients it is important you wash them down with an ounce organic virgin coconut oil.

You can as well cook, dress your salads with coconut oil. Coconut oil has unique flavors that pair well with any leafy greens.  In addition, because it’s a medium-chain structure it won’t break down even when exposed to direct heat. It also makes a yummy addition to your smoothies, desserts, and baked foods.


#5 Coconut Oil Helps Normalize Brain Function

When you digest coconut oil, the MCTs travels direct to your liver, and here it’s synthesized to small ketones bodies. The chemical compounds found in coconut oil have a positive effect on different brain disorders. The most famous ones are Alzheimer’s and Epilepsy.

The high concentration of the ketones bodies in your blood helps to reduce seizures of drug-resistant epilepsy in kids. These keynotes also provide your body with an alternate source of energy for your brain cells that don’t process glucose, the primary cause of Alzheimer’s.

#6 Coconut Oil Stabilizes Blood-sugar and Thyroid

The MCTs found in coconut oil assists your body to convert cholesterol into Pregnenolone. Pregnenolone is one of the bodybuilding blocks for your body synthesis of human hormones responsible for a healthy thyroids function.

A daily ounce of coconut oil helps your body to use insulin efficiently and to stabilize your body blood-sugar level. You can buy Nutiva Organic Coconut oil from Amazon. Nutiva Organic Coconut oil is a superfood that has great baking, sautéing and good for your body care. It’s cold-pressed, nor bleached, refined or deodorized.

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#7 Coconut oil helps you to eat less.

If you want to eat less and keep hunger at bay, you need to take an ounce of coconut oil every day. It’s kind of interesting to know that coconut oil is your much-needed help when it comes to overeating.

The main reason is that it has fatty acids that are metabolized.  Then produce ketones that contribute to reducing the appetite effect in your body. In a recent study conducted by different people, those who eat an ounce of coconut oil were known to have fewer calories than the others.


Coconut is an exotic food and is primarily consumed by those people who are health conscious in the west. However, in other parts of the world coconut is a dietary staple that has thrived in their lives for many years with numerous benefits in the process. People in the South Pacific consume coconut on a daily basis.  They also have the lowest levels of calories in the whole world.

Coconut oil should be part and parcel of your everyday lives. The above health benefits of coconut oil give you a healthy and long life.  Remember, an ounce a day will keep you healthy, less hungry and off from doctor’s visit. Feel free to engage with us, and we appreciate any comments and questions.

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