Trying To Lose Weight? Add These 5 Super Foods To Your Diet Plan

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Trying To Lose Weight? Add These 5 Super Foods To Your Diet Plan

According to Heather Mangieri, RD, a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, “Certain foods can help you shed body weight; because they help you feel full longer and help curb cravings.”

The best of such foods help boost the human metabolism, this means it takes less not to feel hungry, but also you eat lesser calorie amounts than your body is burning. The math doesn’t lie, this method of metabolic regulation leads to more rapid weight loss.

These are five foods that are beneficial for losing weight; each is a worthwhile dieting choice for individuals.


There are few better sources of high proteins that out do bean. In fact, beans are economical, filling, plus as versatile as any cooking staple. Beans come in many varieties and flavors, but can be used in nearly all types of cultural cuisines around the world. Even raw, most beans are just plain delicious and their ability to fill your belly, keep your body from needing more food and assists in your weight loss goals.

Dark Chocolate

Want a delicious and delightful alternative for losing weight, try dark chocolate. Use dark chocolate in the place of milk chocolate varieties, but just a square or two at a time. Dark chocolate has been found to be useful in curbing the appetite, even hours after being consumed. Who would have guessed, ain’t that just sweet?

Eggs and Sausage

The ultimate high protein diet combination also may be able to help resist your need to sneak foods all day long. Among obese younger women, this typical breakfast choice facilitated weight loss. In fact, those same women had less craving for fatty foods, sugary snacks and anything like these, after eating eggs and sausage. Women, who had eaten cereal for breakfast, were found to have a much oppositional type of result. A high protein breakfast was able to sustain some women, all the way until the evening came, in some cases a bit longer even.

Apples and Nuts

These two foods go great together, but especially when they are eaten raw. Nuts like pecans, walnuts, peanuts or almonds are good for snacking. Eating nuts throughout the day will naturally curb your bodily need to feed. Combined with crunchy raw apples, your daily need for fruit and fiber will be filled. The act of chewing stimulates the brain subliminally, telling it that you have eaten something and will not need to eat anything more, at least for a while. Avoiding applesauce and apple juice is best, although these are also healthy to eat; their raw form is substantially more conducive to losing weight.


Starting any daily meal with soup is a great way to end up eating less. Any soup will take on a big portion of your belly space; anything from chunky style to plain broth works equally well. If your soup is kept to about 150 calories per serving size, your weight loss goals will be easier to achieve. Skip extras like cream, butter or other condiments. You can also consider taking weight loss supplements, containing natural ingredients, such as Meratrim.

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