15 Foods That Help Keep You Stay Hydrated

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15 Foods That Help Keep You Stay Hydrated


The juicy fruit is a great source of water, as can be seen from the wet slices that one gets from the fruit.


A preferred fruit for juice, this tangy fruit comes with very high water content, which made it a natural juice fruit.


Eggplant is another vegetable that offers users high water content. Typically consumed as a cooking ingredient, it helps users receive water through cooked food. 


Known for its high nutrient value, banana is also a very rich source of water, and its easy availability as a common fruit makes it the perfect way to store up on water.


Delivers the right combination of fiber and water content with every stalk that is consumed. 


Not only does this offer high water content it comes with great taste. It is the perfect foil, ideal for consumption – either cooked or raw. 


The high water content combines with the distinct and mildly pungent flavor to make this a great choice. 

Bell peppers

Also known as capsicum in some nations, this is an important ingredient in salads and offers anti-oxidants apart from the high water content 


The amazing nutritional benefits of this vegetable makes it a perfect choice and its high water content helps you get hydrated and healthy


While this has been popularized by the famous cartoon strip, it is a fact that spinach leaves have high water content and antioxidants 


The very sight of these berries gives the feeling of goodness. It is packed with nutrients, and water, with a great and distinct taste. 


This is the evergreen vegetable and the most preferred one in tropics for salads, known for its water content. 


The very name suggests that this offers one of the highest sources of water with every slice. 


From the same family of cauliflower, this is another vegetable that is loaded with nutrients and higher water content. 


Among the tangy fruits that are available to stimulate the taste buds, this is one fruit that comes with high water content.

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