Is she faking it? How to know if your partner is being Honest in Bed?

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Is she faking it? How to know if your partner is being Honest in Bed?

There are many situations when it’s difficult to figure out if your partner is actually enjoying your company in bed. We are here to show how to know if she came, and how to know she’s not faking it. That can be very difficult to understand or spot, which is why we are offering some great ideas on what you can do and what you can achieve.

She comes only after you ask her to

One of the signs on how to tell if your girlfriend is faking is that she comes after you ask her to. Obviously, that’s not happening all the time, if at all. Understanding when such a situation happens and what you can do is very important, and that’s the thing to take into consideration as much as possible. In the end, that can be very helpful and well worth it.

A lack of recovery time

When you come, the truth is that you always need a bit of recovery time. But if there’s little to no recovery time, that might be a clear sign that she is faking it. Implementing the right idea can help a lot, and it’s definitely going to be one of those things you want to consider as much as possible.

You don’t feel any contractions

Pelvic muscle contractions are a sign that she came. If there’s a lack of such contractions, then there can be issues, and that’s something to consider. The reality is that a lack of contractions shows she is faking it.

No foreplay

A lack of foreplay shows that your partner doesn’t really have the mood for sex. Understanding the 5 signs she’s not faking it is important, of course. But you will see that there are issues with foreplay as well. Understanding that wisely and making sure everything is tackled accordingly is very important, so try to take that into consideration if possible.

Something feels off

If you already know her previous orgasms and those are not ok, then it’s definitely something you need to think about. Figuring out how to know she’s not faking it can be crucial and super important. It’s definitely going to help you ensure that everything is real and there’s no faking. It can be at times, but that’s the reason why you must pay attention.


These are great tips when you are wondering how to know if she came. That’s not going to be easy, but if you do it right, the outcome can be very impressive. It can take a bit of trial and error to figure out what happens. But in the end, it’s going to help quite a lot, and you will appreciate the process and experience. It’s always a very good idea to focus on making the relationship work. Some women will fake it just to make you feel better. Now you know how to spot it and figure out how she is faking it if that’s the case!

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