How To Fix A Sexless Marriage


How To Fix A Sexless Marriage

Finding yourself overnight in a marriage without sex can be highly frustrating.  It can even be devastating for many.

In special circumstances, where there is nothing left but to resign.  Couples can survive without physical intimacy for some time, but not for long, depending on the needs of each one in this field.

The good news is that there are ways to fix the bleak outlook of a sexless marriage if both parties are willing to dedicate themselves to it.


How pheromones can help fix a sexless marriage?

If you are wondering what are pheromones then, don’t worry, you’re not alone! Put simply, pheromones are similar to hormones but, unlike hormones, they work outside of the body. They are also unlike hormones in that, rather than affecting you, they affect others and trigger certain thoughts and feelings within their subconscious. Depending on the blend you use, pheromones can help fix a sexless marriage by…

  • For him, reinforcing to her that he is a strong, capable male and will be able to protect her and make her feel safe while she is with him.
  • Her, encouraging him to let his guard down, be open to communication, and make him feel comforted.
  • For both, making oneself irresistible and signifying that you are wanting to be intimate.


The fabulous role of emotional intimacy in women

While it is true that physical intimacy allows, at least for men, to keep emotional intimacy alive, there are many couples who can survive with relative levels of satisfaction as long as emotional intimacy is good enough.

Because when there are adequate levels of emotional intimacy, caresses, kisses, and hugs can be given without the sexual act being consummated. And for some couples, this is enough.


Can some sexless marriages work?

Yes, as long as the two of you have no complaints about this lack of intimacy.

The important thing is that the two of you come to an explicit or implicit agreement that sexual relations are no longer so important to be happy. However, if one of the two is not comfortable with such an agreement, the emotional connection will also go into crisis.

And without those two types of intimacy, marital survival becomes much more difficult.


And what if one of the two is not happy with little or no physical intimacy?

In this case, it is essential to work with the advice of a therapist or sexologist and that they move forward as a team, understanding and supporting each other.

It is necessary to review the causes that motivated the sexual withdrawal. They can be as varied as

  • Having very young children
  • Not having privacy to make love
  • Overwork
  • Physical and mental fatigue

As well as high levels of stress, broken health, handicap, fall in hormonal levels, aging and decreased libido, etc.,

While sexual intercourse does not flourish again in the conjugal bed, we must find other ways to love each other physically.


What To do?

Here are 7 tips or recommendations to bring sexual intimacy back to your marriage:

  1. Make space in your agendas to share quality time and intimate time. Of course, there is nothing wrong with scheduling a romantic date that ends in bed.
  2. Clear your mind regarding your own sexual needs and desires and express them to your spouse.
  3. Develop a healthier relationship with your own body.
  4. Talk without fear of sex with your partner because they can no longer and should not have secrets in that area from the moment they got married.
  5. Play in the room, have fun, massage, relax, explore your bodies.
  6. Spend more time on the preamble stage and kiss different parts of the body.
  7. Solve the problems that cause stress and deteriorate the relationship and the trauma of the past, with the help of a specialist.

Remember that when there is love, there is no problem in a marriage that has no solution, especially if you work as a team!


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