Habits Of a Couple Who Have Great Sex

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Habits Of a Couple Who Have Great Sex

That time and routine are not an obstacle to having a passion to the fullest, we tell you how to achieve a sex life full of emotion!

Yes, it is a fact. Most people who have spent a long time in a relationship feel that routine and the passage of time work against libido, which means that sexual activity is no longer as intense and urgent as it was at the beginning.

Many couples feel that the passion fades and that they enter a circle of monotony where, in addition to the decrease in hot encounters, other factors intervene (such as stress) that cause the flame to go out little by little.

So that this does not happen, it is very important to take into account essential issues so that the relationship continues to live, there is connection and above all interest.

We share the 5 habits of a couple who have great sex to follow so that your sexual life is active and pleasant with your partner:

Constant and eternal flirt


The constant flirting is a definite factor so that the sexual energy does not lose ground. In simple words, this conquest is summed up in letting your beau know how much you care, how much you enjoy being with him, how much you admire him, and how much you like him.

Communication without interruptions


Couples who have amazing sex lives have one thing in common: they express their emotional problems and desires freely and without fear of judgment.

They take the time to talk things over and never leave a topic unfinished, as they define themselves as a priority.

Fair rest


Fit sex life? The key is to sleep the right hours to achieve a pleasant sleep and thus be able to function at a hundred to have a hot session.

Later this will become an excellent habit, since also a great way not to suffer from insomnia is to relax and what better option than with the pleasure that sex causes.

Interesting quotes


To avoid falling into the boring routine, try to make different plans with your ‘love interest’. Do not always repeat the same places, try different experiences and do everything that ever interests you together.

Parachute, a city bike tour, a picnic? Anything goes, the important thing is to give a spark of novelty to their lives and thus generate new memories that unite them more and more.

Unstoppable laughter


One of the hallmarks of a healthy relationship is the ability to have a good time. Sharing experiences that bring you joy also opens the door to having a better sexual connection. Remember that when we laugh, oxytocin is released, known as the love hormone, which improves our mood.


Stacey Chillemi


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