8 Habits That Ruin Sex Life in Marriage

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how to improve sex life

8 Habits That Ruin Sex Life in Marriage

Most marriages don’t start with cold sex life, without the interest and attraction of one partner for the other. However, that’s what ends up happening after a while in many relationships. And the truth is that you can’t just blame the arrival of children – there are habits that we acquire that end up with the couple’s sex life.

Today we realize more clearly that, although sex comes from natural impulses, which eventually lead to the generation of a new life, it is not only possible but necessary, that reason acts to ensure that they are lived satisfactorily.

how to improve sex life

Living healthy sexuality is not just about giving vent to desires, but also living them while respecting oneself and with the balance necessary for life in society. After all, our psychological health is also highly linked to our relationships with others.

how to improve sex life

We have listed some habits that ruin a married couple’s sex life. Check these eight points and, if applicable, get ready to change some habits in order to guarantee this moment of intimacy in the couple’s life:


Having sex is like exercising. It takes energy, initiative, and sometimes even planning, but it makes your wedding healthier when it happens regularly.


Sex can become very predictable over time. It’s easy to get into the habit of always doing the same thing. The important thing is to connect and venture together, and for that, it will often be necessary to get out of the rut.

Lack of care for your body

Eating healthy and exercising are factors that have an impact on your sex life. The same can be said of regular check-ups.

Lack of communication

Good sex starts with an emotional connection. Marriages are damaged when spouses stop communicating little by little. Share your emotions, pains, and fears. Talk often about your relationship and your sex life – what you like and what turns you on. Talk during sex. Never stop communicating, no matter what you’re doing.

Lack of sleep

For a couple with children, the only time left for themselves is after the children go to sleep. It’s tempting to stay up late and sleep very little. But lack of sleep increases anxiety and impairs productivity – and the same drop happens with libido.


Thinking or talking negatively about yourself or your spouse is like throwing a bucket of cold water on desire. Always be kind when talking about your and your spouse’s physical appearance. When people don’t feel good about themselves, they’re less enthusiastic about sex.

Sleeping together with the children

It’s okay for your child to sleep in your room from time to time. If he’s having a nightmare or is scared of a storm, it’s okay to give him a sense of security. But that becomes a problem when it becomes a habit. “Your bedroom should be reserved for you and your spouse.


There are those who say that watching pornographic content together is good for a couple’s life, but there is no data to support this. On the contrary, this type of material consumption is at the root of a good share of divorces.


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