Homeopathy for Chronic Pain in Elderly Patients: How to Push Away the Pain

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Homeopathy for Chronic Pain in Elderly Patients: How to Push Away the Pain

Chronic pain by definition is a pain in the body that lasts for a long time, specifically longer than 12 weeks. Chronic pain is often a sign that something is wrong with the body. The pain can be so lasting that most reports last for months and even years. Most people, especially the elderly feel the more debilitating effects of chronic pain.

Seniors are more prone to sickness due to advancing age. With age, people are more vulnerable to disease because they have weakened immunity. Bones are also prone to breaking because elderly clients have trouble absorbing calcium which makes the bones brittle. The same way as you’re aging at home you want medical alert systems for seniors with fall detection, you also can use homeopathy for peace of mind.

Classic Homeopathy can provide an excellent remedy for seniors with ailing conditions. Homeopathy is an alternative form of medicine. The fundamental principle of homeopathy states that a substance that causes sickness in a healthy person can also cure a disease in a sick individual. Most homeopathic treatments focus on the individual more. Assisting Elderly patients is much easier when proper treatments are recognized.

Each treatment is unique as every person is different. Homeopathic medicine includes an intensive interview by a homeopathic expert or doctor. This interview is a big part of how treatment for a particular patient is going to materialize. Although most homeopathic preparations involve herbs, homeopathy is a separate branch of science from herbalism. For chronic pain, here are some homeopathic treatments:


A herbal remedy in usage since the early 1500s. Arnica is part of the sunflower family, which has bright yellow flowers and soft, hairy leaves. It contains “Helenalin,” a toxic substance that is a major ingredient in anti-inflammatory agents. Although arnica may be toxic, homeopathic preparations of the plant ensure a safe and fast recovery from sprains, bruises, and muscle aches.

Hypericum or St. John’s Wort

Although considered as weeds in farms and gardens, the weed has severe teratogenic properties for livestock as it causes abortion in grazing cattle when ingested. In homeopathy, dilute amounts of Hypericum are for treating “shooting pain” which involves nerve damage.

Bryonia Alba or Wild Hop

A herbaceous, perennial vine that produces fruit that darkens when ripe. All parts of the plant contain “Bryonin” which is a lethal toxin. Consuming at least forty to fifty berries is fatal for an adult human. Homeopathic preparations of Bryonia are for treating several types of pain associated with sports such as tearing, searing, or cutting pain in the joints and muscles.


Flowering plants usually grow into shrubs and short trees. In ancient times, the gum of the plant was for treating syphilis. Wood chips from the mature trees were also a favorite for brewing because of their excellent tasting tea. Nowadays, Homeopathic specialists use Guaiacum as a treatment for swollen injuries, stiff joints, and pressure pain in the head, face, and neck area of a client.

Ledum or Wild Rosemary

A low shrub with small white flowers, these plants emit strong scents that attract bees and other pollinating insects. These plants typically grow in cold temperate regions of the world. All parts of the plant contain terpenes that have adverse effects on the CNS or Central Nervous System.

Overdosing on the substance causes headaches and in severe cases, unconsciousness. In safe doses, however, such as those in homeopathy, it treats joint pain, cold joints, and muscle spasms.


Although most of these plants contain toxic substances, clinical trials done in the field of homeopathy suggest that minute and diluted compounds of these toxins enable the body to enter a state of healing. Consistent with the views of homeopathy, “like cures like,” these safe treatments are highly effective in combating chronic pain in elderly patients.

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