The Best Flavours For CBD Water

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The Best Flavours For CBD Water

It might surprise you to know that CBD water comes in a variety of flavors. In fact, there are more flavors becoming available year after year. This is excellent news if you aren’t really a fan of plain water or hempy/earthy tasting water. 

Although there are many ways you can consume and use CBD – capsules, tea, food, gummies, topically and as a beauty product – water remains on of the easiest way to take CBD while you go about your daily life, and the perk is that you will also be hydrated too. 

So let’s dive in. 

What is CBD water?

The last few years have seen CBD water trending like crazy. And even more so in the health and wellness communities. Research has shown time and again that CBD water can help with chronic pain, tiredness, anxiety, stress, migraines, and a host of other things

When the legalization of CBD started to kick in, companies began to experiment with the different products that CBD could work in, and how best to deliver it to consumers. One of those is CBD water. 

CBD water is precisely what it sounds like, water that has been infused with varying amounts of CBD. There are variations in flavors and pH balance within each company – but the gist is the same. 

Why Water?

Many people consider CBD to only be available in oil form. However, this process required the CBD to be water-soluble. So in order to do this, the manufacture CBD that dissolves in water. The great thing about CBD that is water, is that water is bioavailable to use. Which means our bodies use it quickly and efficiently. So the CBD infused in the water is dispersed in our bodies rapidly too. 


There are many benefits to taking CBD, and of course, there is always a need to have more water. Here are a few things that people typically take CBD for:

Taking CBD in any form will help support your endocannabinoid system, which is what is responsible for keeping your body in ‘homeostasis’. Or, in others – nice and balanced. It deals with things like the immune system, the nervous system, mood regulation, appetite, and much more. 

A quick note: there is water-soluble CBD that you can buy and add to your own water if you don’t enjoy any of the flavors that we are going to talk about below. 


This New York brand is big on Instagram, and you can see why. They have a strong aesthetic, and the flavors are super simple. Peach Ginger, Blackberry Chain, and Pomegranate Hibiscus. You can pick them up in a sampler pack, too, which has two of each flavor. 


These are presented in can form, so lovely and easy to recycle when you are finished. They have Lemon+ Lime, Natural, and Blood Orange. Such fresh and zingy flavors. This brand is a joint venture between an old-school brewery and WAAYB Organics. 


Initially, they launched a range of THC sodas. However, they took a turn and are now producing CBD soda with a 0% THC level. They are sweetened with stevia – so if that isn’t your thing, then steer clear. Flavors are Melon Zero Sugar, Citrus Original, Citrus Zero Sugar, and Lemon Tea Zero. 

DRAM Apothecary

The company that produces these drinks also produces CBD drops, so they have more than just the water going for them. They found a big call for their organic CBD-filled Beauty Bubbles sparkling water. The Beauty Bubbles are hibiscus and rose-flavored – floral and tasty. Other flavors on offer are Gingergrass. 


They do a range of different beverages, but their water has some unique flavors. They call their water restorative, refreshing and reviving. Oki has a few flavors too. Watermelon Renew, Cranberry Revive, Enhanced Water, and Cucumber Mint Refresh. This one contains a broad-spectrum hemp extract. 

What To Look For

Each brand and type of CBD water will have a different amount of CBD in it and, more than likely, a different extract type too. If you are looking for something that is going to perk you up and help you out on a stressful day, then an isolate is going to be ideal. For things like headaches, mild joint pain, or anything health-related, then a full-spectrum is better. In general, though, go for the flavor that you are going to enjoy the most and add the CBD water in your daily CBD dosage. 

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