What Is Hypertension and How To Improve It

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What Is Hypertension and How To Improve It

Hypertension might sound like how you feel after a particularly intense board meeting. However, it’s actually the medical term for high blood pressure. The narrowing of blood vessels most often causes this condition due to a build-up of material within them.

You can imagine the effect like a hose.  If you squeeze the end of it, the water comes out more powerfully at a higher pressure. But how can you improve hypertension? This article has some of the answers, showing you what to do if you are diagnosed to have high blood pressure.

Understanding Hypertension

It’s important to first go into some more detail about hypertension especially if you’ve only recently had a diagnosis and you’re only just coming to terms with what it means for your general health.

Typically, high blood pressure results from lifestyle factors such as…

  • alcohol use
  • smoking
  • the consistent consumption of unhealthy
  • fatty foods

Hypertension is often accompanied by excess body weight and obesity and may happen in tandem with a diagnosis of diabetes. As a health indicator, hypertension is linked with a number of life-threatening illnesses – such as heart disease.

As such, it’s incredibly important that you find a way to manage your hypertension after a diagnosis – and happily, there exist a number of solutions to bring it down.

Managing Hypertension

All of your solutions depend on your ability to see your progress and understand how your lifestyle and health interventions might work to reduce hypertension and prevent more serious illness and disease.

There are two ways that you can measure and manage hypertension. The first is to make regular trips to see your doctor, who will be able to take tests that determine how your blood pressure is changing over time.

The second is to use a hypertension management app that uses bodily sensors combined with smart data analytics to review how your blood pressure changes over time.

These apps are especially useful in tracking your long-term health, especially when you’ve enacted lifestyle changes in an attempt to improve your hypertension.

Improving Hypertension

 With the assistance of the latest technology in chronic condition management, you’re able to make lifestyle interventions to reduce your blood pressure – or to prevent making it more serious. Many of these will strike you as obvious when your doctor recommends them – stop smoking and drinking regularly and make sure you exercise and eat a balanced diet of different food types.

But doctors can glean more advanced tips from data generated by smart devices such as hypertension management sensors that you may choose to wear to monitor your condition. Given that everybody is different, this data will help doctors and other healthcare professionals who treat hypertension give you a personalized plan to reduce your blood pressure.

This is far more preferable to an off-the-shelf solution, motivating you to deal with this potential health issue by following advice tailored just for you. Remember to make sure any intervention you do take is backed by a healthcare professional you trust.

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