Product Review: Elegear Cooling Blanket and Pillowcases

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Product Review: Elegear Cooling Blanket and Pillowcases

In this product review, you’ll learn and discover the benefits of owning a cooling Blanket and cooling pillowcases.

What is a cooling blanket?

The blanket and pillowcases use special Japanese Q-Max 0.4 Cooling Fibers to brilliantly absorb body heat. Regular fiber is just 0.2. This makes you feel cool and comfortable without perspiration.

By using heat and moisture management, cooling blankets and cooling pillowcases are great for people who feel warm or hot when they sleep.  They work throughout the night by regulating your body temperature. The cooling blankets and pillowcases accomplish this task because the fabric they use absorb heat when you’re too hot and release it back to you when your body temperature drops.  You wake rested, refreshed, and comfortably dry.

Benefits of  cooling blankets and pillowcases

  • Regulate your body temperature
  • Give you a cooling feeling when you sleep
  • Improve your sleep
  • Decrease or red sweating during sleep completely
  • Stay calm throughout the night and wake up fully rested
  • Reduce or rid hot flashes


Why I love Elegear Cooling blanket and pillowcases

 I gave the cooling pillowcases and cooling blanket to my husband. He always gets hot at night. He loved both the pillowcases and the blanket.  He gets a good night’s sleep every night.  He doesn’t feel hot and he doesn’t sweat at night while he is sleeping.

They were packed well and it came with 2 pillowcases and a blanket. I highly recommend them. My husband loves them and sleeps with them every night.

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