Pranamat ECO: Therapeutic Manual Massage Mat Pillow and Bag

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Therapeutic Manual Massage Mat Pillow and Bag

Pranamat ECO: Therapeutic Manual Massage Mat Pillow and Bag

The majority of people suffer from stress, insomnia, back pain, neck pain and joint pains throughout their life. These pains cannot be cured with simple medication or pain killers. You need to get something which is more natural and doesn’t affect your body in long run. Pranamat ECO relieves stress, relaxes you and helps to relieve back, muscle and joint pain.

Most people will be affected by back pain at some point in their lives. And lots of money is spent in their quest for relief. But a new treatment is becoming very popular.

Also known as an “acupressure needle stimulation pad” or a “bed of nails,” the Pranamat ECO mats and pillows are foam with thousands of very sharp, short plastic needles. Imagine lying down on a device that mimics a bed of nails! Mats with thousands of nail-like plastic spikes are being touted as a relaxation technique that may relieve back pain, stress, and even cure insomnia.

You’re supposed to sit, lie, or stand barefoot on the mat for anywhere between 20 and 40 minutes. It sounds like it would feel completely miserable, but instead, it’s the complete opposite.  It feels amazing.  There was definitely a prickly feeling, but it didn’t hurt like I imagined it would.

The mat is based on the theory of acupressure: that the body is lined with “pressure points” which, when stimulated, release the body’s natural pain-relieving hormones.

While research so far is preliminary, recent studies have shown that nail mats used 15 minutes a day for three weeks reduced patients’ peak levels of pain.

They found that back temperature was higher on the nail mats as compared to a traditional mattress, as a result of increased circulation. Also, the heart rate was lowered, indicating greater relaxation.


  • Instant pain relief
  • It’s completely natural and doesn’t cost you much
  • Pranamat ECO mats and pillows don’t contain harmful plastic materials to harm your skin
  • They provide instant relief with more than 8000 acupressure points
  • The mat does not contain foul odor after using it on hard surfaces.
  • Pranamat ECO mats and pillows provide you a warm and relaxing sensation after the initial pain.
  • The mats and pillows can help you sleep better
  • Pranamat ECO mats and pillows help you in increasing the blood circulation, as the spikes are extremely sharp and effective.
  • Works amazing for sore muscles with daily use.
  • Instant stress and pain relief with just 20 minutes a day.
  • Improves the body metabolism and digestion with regular use.

Pranamat Reviews – thoughts on the product

Previously I never used an acupuncture mat or pillow before.  I was surprised how sharp the needles were and it took me 2 uses to get used to it but made me feel relaxed afterward and my back pain definitely improved from it.  I also had six other people try the mat too from ages 14 to 86 years old.  Everyone like it and said they felt better after using it.

It came quickly, packaged well & the bag it came with made storing it easier, where it didn’t take up a lot of space in my closet.  The bags also made traveling to other places easy and convenient.  One bag can hold either the mat or the pillow, so if you purchase both the mat and pillow you would need to purchase two bags.

Pranamat ECO: Therapeutic Manual Massage Mat Pillow and Bag

The box it comes in is sturdy and holds both the mat and the pillow, so if you don’t want to purchase the bag you can use the box. I highly recommend these products.

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