5 Brilliant Cycling Tips for Keeping Fitness

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5 Brilliant Cycling Tips for Keeping Fitness

Bicycling is one particular sport that people of different ages enjoy. People find this as a very beneficial outdoor activity through which they can easily keep their fitness healthy.

You can burn 500 calories per hour just riding it, while at the same time you are enjoying the roadside views.

The huge development of this sector also opened the doors of being physically fit without spending hours in a gym for working out. Without a doubt, you will be physically benefited by cycling even if you are a newbie who knows just how to paddle.

But to get the most out of it, you need to know some tips and ways which will make sure your fitness is properly being maintained by the fun hobby of cycling. 

Here Are 5 Cycling Tips for Keeping Fitness

Choosing an Appropriate Bike

What you need to do first is, decide what kind of bike you prefer to ride on. There are several types of bikes depending on riders’ interest. You will find road bikes that are ideal for racing, cyclocross, endurance, and city tours.

Then there are some different bikes only designed for women. If your interest is in only roaming around the city with your bike, it would be worth looking on the 8 best women’s comfort bike for city touring – 2018 reviews before you make a purchase.

There are mountain bikes that are used generally for off-road riding. These are really tough and rouged ones.

Hybrid bikes combine both the road bikes and mountains bikes. It is a cross between these two and the most advanced bike till this day. These bikes don’t run like road bikes, neither are as tough as mountain bikes.

You probably saw bikes near the beach, na? Well, these are known as cruiser bikes.


Eat Small Meals and Drink Enough Liquid

The tendency of eating a lot can easily develop after you finish riding. Avoid this urge of eating a large portion in one sitting. Instead, have smaller meals more frequently throughout the day. For example, every 3-4 hours. Aim for maintaining a well-balanced diet and avoid processed food items.

Taking small meals on regular basis will help you to maintain metabolism and make it a lot easier to digest food and avoid dipping the blood sugar that can reduce energy levels.

Instead of ordering pizza, feed yourself some lean protein like fish or chicken, with vegetables. As for eating carbohydrates, choose some low-glycemic food items that are whole grain like rolled oats and sweet potatoes. To protect your body’s immunity system, completely avoid junk food and fizzy drinks that can also reduce your energy level.

Try to avoid feeding yourself too much before a ride. Taking some extra fuel before a ride may backfire. In fact, it drains your energy rather than increasing.

Make sure you are properly hydrated while cycling. Our fluid requirements significantly increase when we ride, no matter whatever the weather condition is. Drink small quantities of water or sports energy drink so that you don’t feel thirsty and dehydrated.

Flexibility and Gear

Your body should be flexible enough before going for a ride, otherwise, it might lead you to injuries. For example, our round position of the shoulder while riding can lead to overstretched upper back muscles and as well as a tight chest. So, stretch after your ride, it can be for a few minutes.

The flexibility of legs and arms are equally important. For building legs strength, you can do the exercise like leg presses and weighted lunges, squats, and bodyweight squats as well. To keep your arms strengthened and well balanced, biceps and triceps might be quite a good exercise for you.

When you go uphill on your cycle, don’t coast to downhill without pedaling. As soon as you climb up the hill, lactic acid produces in your muscles that might cause you muscle soreness. Pedal lightly and constantly while coasting downhill, it will help you to remove that lactic acid.

Pedaling in high gear for a long time can upsurge pressure on your knees. You can assure less stress on your knees simply by shifting to the lower gears and revolting faster. In this way, you will be able to do even more exercise.

5 Ways of Cycling for Keeping Fitness

Change Positions and Go Slowly

Riding a bike is something that is enjoyable. Feeling uncomfortable while riding is not something you would expect. For riding, you have to change your position frequently. Don’t put constant pressure on the curved part of the handlebars with your hands for a long time.

Keep the arms in relaxing position and don’t lock the elbows. Otherwise, your shoulders, hands, and neck can be cramped. Changing your hands’ position on the bars will allow you to produce necessary strength to slice through a wind and even climbing on a steep hill.

There is another important thing you must take into consideration while racing. Instead of going too fast, go slowly. In this way, you will feel a noticeable change in your heart rate. But most of the people go very hard to lose weight which is harmful to their health.

Long Rides

You should go for a long ride weekly or fortnightly. Basically, the perfect cycling foundation lies on long rides. As it is the foundation, it builds a solid ground for skilled riders.

Also, long ride builds endurance and make the rider more efficient at utilizing the body fuel. So try going for long distance than your typical daily ride.

Balance your long ride by giving few intervals. The sessions vary but make sure you are having regular intervals depending on the distance.


Riding is actually a fun way of being physically fit and healthy. You will be better prepared and fitter if you know how to properly do the bicycling. For example; 5 hours of cycling can bring a huge positive change to your health, only if you know how to make the most out of this amazing outdoor sport.

Following the instructions that we have mentioned above, will give you the idea of being able to understand how cycling alone can maintain your fitness without any extra workout by giving minimum effort and getting the maximum outcome.

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