What To Know Before You Use Birth Control

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What To Know Before You Use Birth Control

Unmarried couples to married couples waiting for the right time to start a family – birth control pills act as a knight in shining armor.

Birth control pills have become mainstream and have even become some people’s preferred contraception method. With the social stigma associated with birth control pills, they are no more considered taboo and widely used worldwide.

However, birth control pills are medicines, and they do interfere with the body’s physiology. Thus, one must have a clear understanding of how they work, and one must take proper precautions before using birth control pills to avoid long-term complications.

Here are some things one must know before the use of birth control pills.

What To Know Before Taking Birth Control?

Here are 10 things you should know about birth control before you consider starting.

  1.   Birth control pills are also often used to regulate menstrual cycles in women and achieve clear skin free of acne.
  1. The regularity of dose is the key to achieve the desired results with birth control pills. In case one forgets to take the pill at the right time, one must take it at the earliest possible time to avoid the regime’s failure.
  1. Consultation with a gynecologist is a must before opting for pills. Many birth control pills must be taken in combination with another pill. At the same time, some pills are not suitable for women of a certain age. Therefore, a gynecologist’s consultation will help one find the right pill and the apt regime.
  1. Early symptoms can be challenging, but that is only because the body takes time to change the pills cause to the secretion of hormones. Thus, when symptoms like bloating, nausea, and night sweat appear. One must not panic. These are commonly acquired changes that the body makes while adopting a new system. However, if any of these symptoms start to become severe or chronic, one must consult the gynecologist.
  1. Libido, meaning the desire for sexual intercourse, might be affected by the use of birth control. Moreover, some women experience a lack of sex drive, which can even last almost through the entire regime.
  1. Vaginal discharge during the menstrual cycle is increased with the use of pills. Also, the menses become a little more painful due to the breakage of the uterus’ hard inner lining, and one must have a higher threshold of pain if one opts for these.
  1. Triggering of mental disturbances like anxiety, mood swings, and sudden bouts of depression are standard for those who use birth control pills. Many women also experience insomnia: a lack of sleep when they use birth control pills.
  1. The response of the body to smoking and alcohol changes once you start taking birth control pills. It is due to increased water retention of the body. The blood-alcohol level shoots up quicker when following the birth control regime.
  1. Health hazards like gallstones and kidney ailments are often found in those who opt for birth control pills. Therefore, a thorough examination of the body is suggested before beginning such a regime.
  1. A common side effect is that once the birth control regime starts, there may be variation in the breast size. And not only that. The breasts’ size often continues to vary, which is a negative effect one has to live with.

Concluding Thoughts

Only if one is ready to adapt to these changes and is medically deemed fit to bear all the above-mentioned physiological changes, they should opt for birth control pills as their preferred contraception method.

Besides taking birth control pills, women have also started turning to intrauterine devices or IUDs. If birth control pills make you feel nauseous or you cannot take the pills every day, IUD is ideal.

There are similar intrauterine devices, such as Kyleena. As per research, it has 99% efficacy. But, you must be aware of the side effects of Kyleena. Some of them include vaginal dryness, nausea, acne, inflammation, and yeast infection.

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