What Are the Different Types of Cannabis Seeds?

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Cannabis Seeds

What Are the Different Types of Cannabis Seeds?

Many users of cannabis are most appreciative of the natural aspects of the plant. It provides pain and other symptom relief in a natural way versus relying on pharmaceutical drugs. Cannabis is a plant and therefore can be grown in the ground, much like fruits and vegetables. There is a wide variety of seeds to choose from with numerous available strains, so the task of picking one can seem daunting. Before a potential grower decides on strains, they must first determine which kind of seeds they will choose: regular, feminized, or auto-flower. Below is a detailed description of each of the three types of seeds.

Regular Seeds

Regular seeds are the least costly of the three choices, but risks are taken when purchasing this inexpensive option. Individuals who are trying to find marijuana seeds will likely see these as the easiest to find. When growing marijuana, female plants are the bud-producing sex. Male plants are essentially used for pollen. When a person purchases regular seeds, they are purchasing a mixture of female and male seeds. The sex of the seeds will not be known until the seeds begin to grow.

Although the regular seeds are the most natural option, the grower will incur a risk of having many male plants upon flowering. Beginners who are only wanting to experiment with the growth process may find this option the best because it will allow practice without breaking the bank.

Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds are guaranteed to be of the female sex. Female seeds grow to produce buds that can be used for the intended purposes. The female seeds are gathered from female plants that are grown under extreme conditions, such as intense heat or underwatering. When these seeds are grown, they produce a plant that can pollinate itself. These self-pollinating plants only produce female seeds, which are then gathered and sold as feminized seeds. These seeds are more expensive than the regular type seeds and provide more of a guarantee to the grower for a beneficial crop. For intermediate growers who do not mind paying the extra money to ensure they have only female seeds, the feminized seeds are an excellent choice.

Auto-flower Seeds

Auto-flower seeds are derived from the colder regions of Europe. The regions from which they hale have long winters with short spring and summer seasons. Because of the climate in which they are produced, the seeds are adapted to a rough environment and do not depend on light to germinate and flower. The auto-flower seeds will begin to flower once they reach a certain maturity as opposed to the dependence on light.

Because of their durability and ease of growth, they make the perfect seed for beginners. The plants are very resilient and can withstand common problems such as diseases or mold. Even though this type of seed is easier to grow, it will have to have certain conditions. For instance, because they do not need light, it makes them especially sensitive to it. This type of seed will need an indoor growing space and cannot be grown outside in the natural elements.

Cannabis is a growing industry. With the legalization in many states, people have decided to start growing the product themselves. However, before setting out on this endeavor, it is important to understand the different types of seeds to ensure the best possible crop and quality.


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