How To Relieve Pain From Dental Implants

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How To Relieve Pain From Dental Implants

In this article, you’ll learn and discover how to relieve pain from dental implants.

If you think the dental implant surgery is the worst part, then you’re wrong. You can go through the procedure pain-free because of anesthesia. However, your healing process literally has to get worse before it gets better. You can expect the swelling to go down after 3 to 5 days, then for all the pain to go away within a week to 10 days.

The constant throbbing pain can distract you from work and can even deter you from sleeping. The good news is that there are numerous ways to mitigate the dental implant procedure pain.

A few are listed below:

Take the prescribed medication

After your surgical procedure, the dentist will prescribe painkillers to help with the pain and some nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to reduce the inflammation. Be sure to stick with the proper dosage and to intake the medicine at the proper time. Since these medications are endorsed by your dental professional or oral surgeon, they are guaranteed to work.

Intake softer food

Since your teeth have recently undergone surgery, it is advisable to intake softer food that won’t add stress to your newly replaced teeth. You may opt for soup or liquid food replacements while the implant is still healing. It is important to avoid sticky, hard, and chewy food as they may disrupt the healing process and lead to further complications. Eating softer food also significantly reduces the pain as compared to eating hard food.

Apply a cold compress over the swollen areas

To hasten the process of reducing inflammation, you may use a cold compress and press it over the area of the tooth implant. You may periodically do this over the first 48 hours post-surgery. Cold therapy reduces the blood flow toward the specific area, hence helping to calm down the inflammation. They are also reported to help reduce muscle spasms and pain.

Soak your mouth in warm water and baking soda

After getting out of a dental implant surgery, your oral region is susceptible to bacterial infections that can compromise the healing process of your teeth. Since brushing your teeth may be too strenuous and can trigger bleeding, it is suggested to resort to other ways to avoid bacterial growth. One method is by soaking your teeth into a mixture of warm water and baking soda. This is reported to be effective in terms of its antibacterial properties.

Get some rest

insomnia sleep

Try to sleep as much as you can. As your body rests, the reparation processes of your cells speed up. Sleeping is equivalent to recuperating. Regular bed rest can help hasten the reduction of inflammation. It is also great to allow your incisions to heal completely to avoid further bleeding.

Every individual’s ability to get through pain varies. However, with the combination of the aforementioned tips on how to relieve dental implant procedure pain, you may be able to get through the first few days after your procedure more comfortably. If the pain persists beyond 10 days, it is advisable to go back to your dental professional for a follow-up check-up

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