The Preeminent Value Red Wines You Can Buy

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The Preeminent Value Red Wines You Can Buy

A bottle of wine can be, for the most part, the most excellent gift for any occasion. There are about ten thousand varieties of wine grapes in the entire world, and when you go to your local shop you may feel like there are ten thousand different wines in front of you.

Again, there are plenty of great value wines available in the market today. However, it can feel daunting and terrifying when you are trying to look for the most excellent option without spending a lot of money on a bottle.

Fortunately, this post is here to help you out, especially if you are looking for the best value red wine. For a little help, here are some of the preeminent value red wines you can buy at your local wine shop.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is, for the most part, the cornerstone or pillar of the famous Bordeaux communes of St-Julien and Pauillac, where it’s combined with other varieties such as Merlot to give often expensive, age-worthy, and complex wines. However, as a solitary varietal, you can find it almost everywhere from local wine shops to the top wine shops from Napa Valley.

This wine is loved and preferred by many for its age-worthiness and high concentration. The high tannin content and rich flavor in Cabernet Sauvignon make it, more often than not, the best partner to peppery sauces, grilled meats, and dishes with rich flavor.

You can find many options of this wine varietal in the market. Some are fruity and sumptuous, while others are smoky and savory. It all relies upon where the Cabernet Sauvignon grows and how it is made into wine.


Merlot is loved for its rounded, soft plummy fruit taste, making it a wine that is easy to drink, especially when young. For this reason, it suits well with the wine producers today, and fruity, large quantities of enjoyable wines make their way to the market from Chile and Australia.

A lot of people prefer this wine because of its high-spirited and vibrant supple tannins, black cherry flavors, and chocolate finish. As a result, it is, for the most part, mistaken or confused with Cabernet Sauvignon and often blended with it.

Merlot is a wine that is okay to play with because it suits well with different types of foods. So, do not be afraid or scared to experiment. This wine is perfect with easy meals such as bbq chicken and pizza.


Even though not a lot of people know or heard about this wine, Tempranillo is a huge candidate for the most popular variety. As the main grape in Rioja, Tempranillo has long been a favorite in the United Kingdom.

It offers some of the best value in the market today. The most excellent Reserva and, in particular, Gran Reserva Riojas are mature, complex wines that can content head-on with much more costly wines from Bordeaux.

Tempranillo is the top wine in Spain, made popular by Rioja, where wines are, for the most part, categorized by how long they are in oak. And the amazing part is that this wine, especially a well-made one, ages for over twenty years.

Aged, bolder Tempranillo wines are best partnered with a rack of lamb, gourmet burgers, and steak. On the other hand, fresher ones go well with tomato-based dishes such as pasta.


Although Argentinian Malbec is, more often than not, a household name nowadays, its history lies in the south-west of France, specifically in Cahors. This wine is loved for its smooth chocolatey finish, dark, and rich fruity flavors.

Not like Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec does not have a long finish. Thus, making it an excellent choice or option with leaner red meats. It also goes well with melted blue cheese. If you are hunting for quality Malbec wine, opt for manual harvested, extended aging, tech notes, and consider the region-specific.


Contrary to some famous beliefs, Syrah and Shiraz are in the same variety. It is a powerful, rich, and often meaty red wine that came from the Rhone Valley of France. Additionally, Syrah or Shiraz is, as a matter of fact, the most planted variety of grape of Australia. If you want to bring out the fruity notes of this wine, then pair it with exotic spices and darker meats. You can also pair it with Indian tandoori meats, lamb shawarma, and gyros.


So, here they are. The best value red wines that you can buy. Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Tempranillo, Malbec, and Syrah/Shiraz. But remember that these are just some of the best value red wines available in the market these days. There are still plenty of them that is not on this list, for example, Sokolin Red wine. Nevertheless, consider these wines the next time you go to a wine shop.

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