The Perfect Yoga Clothes for Women

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The Perfect Yoga Clothes for Women

So you’ve finally decided to sign up for that yoga class, and you’ve done your research on just about everything you think you would need to know about practicing yoga. But before you get ahead of yourself and head to your first yoga class, let us remind you of one of the very basic requirements for doing yoga.  You need the perfect workout clothes. If you’re in doubt about what you should wear for your next class, or you’re looking for more comfortable yoga clothes to were during practice, then we suggest you ditch what you’re currently wearing and read on to find out what would be the perfect yoga clothes for women.


Types of Yoga Clothes 

Leggings, Capris, and Harlem Pants

Some yoginis and more advanced yoga students wear loose fitting Harlem pants to classes. But if you’re just going on your first yoga for beginners class, we suggest you take the leggings or capri pants route. This is because you will need to first get used to doing the poses and learn to do them properly.

Shirts, Tanks, Tops, and Bras

Most women prefer to wear tank tops made of cotton and lycra (spandex) blend when they do yoga. For one, it’s easier to cool off because of the cut. Two, tank tops like these have a snug fit and thus absorb sweat more quickly and effectively. Loose tee shirts are usually a no-no when doing yoga.  They have a tendency to get in the way of movement, especially if they are not made of stretchable material.  Also when you do backbends and inversions, they can hang over your face and add to your difficulty.

Some yogis wear midriff tops when doing yoga because they make it easier for students to see how the back and arms are angled when doing poses. It is not encouraged to wear underwire bras during yoga sessions because these also inhibit movement, also a regular bra with hooks on the back can dig into your spine when you do floor exercises. Instead, go for tops that have built-in pads and use the sweat-absorbent material. Otherwise, a sports bra and a tank top that you can take off if you feel too warm works just fine as well.

Gloves and Socks

Yoga is commonly practiced with bare hands and feet. However, there are some who prefer to wear socks (or feet gloves) and gloves when doing yoga usually to get better traction on the surface of the mat they use. Feet gloves used for yoga are usually cut out at the toes. Wearing hand gloves may also be useful for those who have sweaty palms to prevent from slipping. If you are considering wearing gloves or socks, choose those that are lightweight and made of stretchable material. Ideally, these socks and gloves come with grips or little-rubberized dots that prevent you from slipping on the mat.


Material, Comfort, and Fit

Comfort and long-term wearability are my highest priorities when shopping for yoga apparel. See, I usually go to classes during the week, and since I’ve managed to get my butt dressed and out the door by 8:30, I  figure I might as well make a day out of it. I need a pair of yoga pants I’ll want to live in because I’ll be wearing them long after the class is finished. After yoga, I eat, work at my office, and run errands. You understand why comfort is a must.

power yoga


While the act of yoga is meant to be meditative and then relaxing.  It is the root of creating a meaningful and productive life.  Wearing the appropriate clothes can make a significant difference in your practice and overall daily life, so take some time out to finding the right yoga apparel that will help you grow in your practice.

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