Buying Marijuana in Canada as A Tourist

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Buying Marijuana in Canada as A Tourist

The number of tourists in Canada has steadily increased for the past six years. Tourist arrivals in Canada reached a record 22.1 million in 2019, with the majority of the same-day tourist trips from the U.S. However, due to the pandemic, the numbers decreased dramatically.

As a result, tourism spending dropped 48.8 percent in 2020 compared to the previous year. But it is expected to recover in 2021 with the easing of travel restrictions. Many visit Canada for various reasons, including business, tourism, entertainment, sports, recreation, and recently due to recreational cannabis. There has been an increasing availability of different cannabis products since its legalization on October 17, 2018, for the use of people at least 19 years old.

Estimates of cannabis spending by tourists amount to hundreds of millions; this means the cannabis tourism industry is currently becoming a big and profitable business. Because of higher supplies in Canada, prices are at least 30 percent lower compared to the U.S. For example, an eighth of marijuana costs an average of $27.90 in Canada and an average of $40 in the U.S.

Because of the legalization, people are now legally allowed to purchase different types of cannabis products such as pre-rolled cannabis cigarettes, fresh and dry cannabis flower buds, cannabis oil and capsules, cannabis edibles, cannabis extracts, and seeds or plants for cultivation. However, remember that transporting cannabis across the Canadian border is still illegal. Even medical cannabis in any form, including cannabidiol (CBD), is not allowed across its borders.

Legal Use Of Weed in Canada

Only adults at least 19 years old are allowed to purchase and use marijuana and other related products. However, in Alberta, the permitted age is 18, and some areas, like Quebec, are planning to increase the age to at least 21 yrs old. Although it is legal to use marijuana, you cannot use it everywhere. It is still illegal to smoke cannabis in workplaces, indoor public spaces, and public transit facilities.

The same rules apply to regular cigarettes. In other words, for most areas in Alberta, Ontario, and British Columbia, you can only smoke marijuana in places where cigarette smoking is allowed. Although in Halifax, it is only permitted on 84 designated locations that are owned by the municipality.

If you are a tourist entering Canada and have cannabis, you must declare it at the border. Failure to do so is a criminal offense and has serious legal consequences. You are also not allowed to bring cannabis outside Canada, even if it’s legal in your final destination. As a tourist, it is your responsibility to know all these regulations on cross-border possession of cannabis and related products.

Where to Buy Marijuana Legally

Since the legalization of cannabis in Canada, many provinces have established regulations that manage the sale and distribution of non-medical cannabis. As a result, regions mainly used online stores, such as wonderbuds, and brick-and-mortar stores in selling and distributing cannabis products. They can be publicly or privately owned and operated.

Provinces/territories are best when it comes to THC product offerings

Between October 2018 and September 2019, Cannabis retailers in Ontario led in sales at about $217 million. Alberta followed this with a total of $196 million and Quebec with $195 million. The amount will depend on many factors, including whether the province chooses to distribute public, private, or both. For example, in Ontario, physical distribution using brick-and-mortar stores is done by private stores, while the government does online retail.

How to tell if a business is licensed to sell THC products legally in Canada

A license given by the Federal government is required to sell, cultivate, and process cannabis for both medical and non-medical use. If you want to know if the business is licensed to sell THC products legally, you can go to cultivators, processors, and sellers and find out if they hold a license issued by Health Canada under the Cannabis Regulations.

How much marijuana can you purchase or possess at one time?

You can purchase and possess a maximum of 30 grams of legal cannabis, either dried or an equivalent non-dried version. However, you can make several online purchases. For example, if you live in Mississauga, you can have weed delivered in Mississauga up to 30 grams per transaction.

Finding Accessories

Marijuana accessories/tools like pens, pipes, etc., are sold in Canada. Tourists can buy these accessories in retail stores if they are 19 years of age. You can also order online and have them delivered within Canada. However, stores cannot sell accessories on self-service displays or sell using a vending machine.

Come Have a Visit

Since the legalization of Cannabis, Canada has fast become a destination for tourists who want to try it out. Just make sure you purchase your cannabis from legal retailers or online stores. Also, make sure you don’t bring your cannabis and accessories across the border to avoid legal complications.

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