How Dry Herb Vaping Keeps You Medicated Without Combustion

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How Dry Herb Vaping Keeps You Medicated Without Combustion

A Quick Background Check

Believe it or not, dry herb vaping has been around for some decades. It has only recently grown very well known in our modern day society. The very first modern form of dry herb vaping appeared in the early 1990s and of course being in the twenty-first century we have changed that from simply heating the cannabis flower to vaporize its trichomes, to having it in an oil form to inject into our E-Cigarettes.

To be frank, you are still pulling cannabis into your lungs, but it is far safer because you’re not inhaling as many contaminants as you would from smoking the combustion from a bong or Joint. It has been proven via taste and smells that smoking vs vaping dry herbs shares a complete difference. Let us make it simple, smoking is harsher due to the combustion. Whereas vaping is kinder to you and the environment, but they still have their pros and cons.

To Dry Herb Vape Or Not Too Dry Herb Vape.

According to those who smoke cannabis and those who vape, dry herb vaping seems to allow you to gain more effects than you normally would smoking it. The high you get from dry herb vaping is more controlled and longer which means you will enjoy the experience rather than being fried out of your mind! Okay, some or most people would prefer the frying moment especially if they live for the now, but if you think about it, in the long run, you can stay medicated for longer without being so harsh on yourself. Fact is dry herb vaping gives you the good without adding the bad whereas smoking cannabis gives you a small amount of good but it also adds an extra bad so just keep that in mind.

Smokers felt that vaping was much quieter in the sense of sizing, timing, and combustion. They also found dry herb vaping a little pricy but worth it in the long run as you do in-fact save more money vaping rather than smoking. When it comes to timing you can whip out your vape at any time rather than calling the squad up for a toking session. Its small size can easily squeeze into all your nooks and crannies, so little that you’d forget it’s even there. Finally, when it comes to combustion you won’t leave so many contaminated clouds behind you for the next passive smoker to complain about. In other words, it is totally discreet.

Did you know? Unlike traditional combustion methods, you’re able to reuse your dry herb vape? That’s pretty mind-blowing if you ask me.

Which Side Would You Choose?

So, if we think about all the knowledge we have gained between the good and bad of smoking vs dry herb vaping we can paint a pretty clear picture. On one side dry herb vaping keeps you medicated by not destroying the full feeling and relief cannabis gives you, don’t forget you can also reuse it which is great for the environment and your wallet. On the other side smoking, it destroys the goodness and deteriorates your health in a harsher way due to the contamination you inhale with combustion. I am not saying both methods are great because too much of something can be a deadly addiction, but a way to make sure that you’re not so harsh on yourself and to get all the goods for longer would be to go for dry herb vaping. You can stay medicated for longer without harmfully tarnishing your health.

Food for thought do whatever makes you happy.

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